Shopify Editions Winter ‘24: What You Need To Know

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Shopify Editions Winter '24 homepage
Shopify revealed over 100 new features to support online businesses.
  • Shopify Editions Winter ‘24 reveals 100+ new product updates
  • New features include storefront search and an AI Media Editor

Shopify, our top-rated ecommerce website builder, revealed the latest installment of Shopify Editions – Winter ‘24. This is the fourth volume of Editions, with a theme of “Foundations”, referencing the solid foundations needed to build something great.

Harley Finkelstein, Shopify’s President, said this of the announcement:

“In this Edition, we’re excited to share capabilities that strengthen our commerce foundations and deliver on the diverse needs of the businesses, developers, and buyers who rely on Shopify every day.”

The Edition focuses on several key areas, helping you build and grow with Shopify: Conversion, Channels, Marketing, Operations, and Developer. So, how can Shopify support your online store in 2024?

We know over 100 new product updates are a lot to sift through, from streamlining operations with AI to boosting your conversions. We’ve unpacked our favorite new features for small businesses.

Product Improvements

For an ecommerce website builder, Shopify must support inventories of all sizes, and that’s exactly what it does with this latest update.

  • Shopify’s increased its product variant limit from 100 to 2,000 variants per product this is ideal for large or complex inventories with lots of product types!
  • Your store’s product listings will now be combined to show variations (each with its own unique description and images)
  • Creating new products in the backend just got smoother with Shopify automatically applying standard categories or attributes

Semantic Search

Available for Shopify Plus merchants, Semantic Search is Shopify’s new AI-powered storefront search tool. The feature aims to simplify a customer’s shopping experience when searching for products, recognizing that a user will use more natural terms, like “something to wear skiing” rather than “thermal long sleeve”. It’s useful for small businesses since it ensures customers are presented with relevant products when searching your store.

Shopify Subscriptions

Download Shopify’s free app, Shopify Subscriptions, to start offering products in a subscription model. Customers can purchase and manage their subscriptions through their account, and merchants can manage it all from the Shopify admin.

Selling memberships or subscriptions is a great way to build brand loyalty and boost customer engagement – it also encourages sales with recurring payments.

Web Performance Dashboard

Shopify has launched a new dashboard to help merchants track their online store’s performance, sharing Core Web Vitals so you can see your site’s speed, visual stability, and how visitors engage and interact with your pages.

Shop Campaigns

Shop Cash Offers has rebranded to Shop Campaigns to help businesses find and engage with new customers. The app is evolving, adding real-time estimates and analytics to help you improve and elevate your campaigns. You can even reach out to customers across channels – for now, the app and web, but it’ll soon be via Meta and Google, too.

AI Solutions

2023 saw the release of Shopify Magic and the teaser for Shopify Sidekick, and Shopify shows no sign of slowing down when it comes to AI-powered features. The Winter ‘24 Edition revealed a new AI Media Editor, helping businesses generate instant images for free. The simple-to-use tool lets you make professional-quality edits too, with capabilities such as erasing select pixels to come later this year.

Like us, we’re sure you’re excited to hear more about Sidekick, Shopify’s AI-powered assistant that was first announced in Shopify’s Summer ‘23 Edition. It’s still yet to be released to the wider public but it’s in early access so we’re hopeful that merchants can enjoy Sidekick’s guidance very soon!

All of this is just a taste of what Shopify’s recent Edition includes – you can view the whole announcement on Shopify’s dedicated Winter ‘24 homepage. For more information about Shopify’s new product updates, take a look at our Shopify Review.

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