summer 2019

at first it was just chaos in my head

I was asked to take on the job of directing adult contests at the North Carolina Poetry Society’s March meeting. It seemed the thing to do, considering that I have arts administration experience, and I was a new member looking to establish myself.

Sam Barbee, who was president at the time and a heck-of-a-nice guy, asked me. His timing was good, because I was swept up in the inspiring atmosphere of the Weymouth Center, which is the classy former home of James Boyd. It was my first meeting, and it felt good to hang out with so many writers. I wanted to do my part.

After a while I realized how big of a part it is. Eleven contests that need well-established judges from out of state, a ten week entry period, about 50 awardees, all culminating in a printed award anthology and live award ceremony with readings. Daunting.

But, as I moved through July plans started solidifying, poets responded to my invitations to judge, and the society’s leadership supported me with encouragement and information.

I’m excited to get this thing started, and I have plans to share that excitement with all involved. Stay tuned!

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