inspiration and edification

While making preparations for the Pinesong Awards, I’ve been contemplating what the contests have to offer. The opportunity to have some world-class poets read your work. The incentive to explore different themes and forms. The chance that your work will win an award and be published.

Then I asked myself, can we expand on that? Offer something a little more personal?

Perhaps insights into the minds of contest judges, and the opportunity to read work that they want to share? Or the chance to be inspired and advised by poets who have succeeded here in the past?

So I’ve reached out to our judges and to the poets who won first prizes in 2019. I asked them to share one of their poems and to respond to one of the following inquiries:

  • What do you remember about the first poem that you fell in love with?
  • Describe your ideal writing day.
  • Which of your achievements has been the most fulfilling?
  • Who is your favorite poet, and why?
  • How do you refill the well of your creativity when it seems to have run dry?

Over the next few weeks I’ll share their responses here. My hope is that this will offer something of value to you. Something that a typical contest may not offer.

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