let loose your voice

How’s your poetic voice doing? Is it clear and strong? Or is it meek and in need of an ego boost?

Perhaps it’s a little tired. Fallen into a repetitive pattern that no longer intrigues as it once did.

If your voice could use polishing, I recommend a contest submission to motivate you to apply the elbow grease.

Why a contest? Because taking your poetic voice to a new level requires that you take risks and contests are ideal for risk taking. Here’s three reasons why:

  1. Contests are exciting. A group of writers vying for the attention of a renowned poet, how could that not be an adventure? Let the inherent excitement of the competitive atmosphere inspire you to great poetic feats!
  2. You’ll be anonymous. The judge will read your poetry and won’t have a clue as to who you are. You have no expectations to meet and you’re free from what you’ve written in the past. Ever want to try on a new persona? Now’s your chance.
  3. You’ll want to stand out from the crowd. In order to win a contest your submission is going to have to rise above everyone else’s. Many of your competitors are going to send work that is solid, but safe. If you take risks, your work may stand out and catch the judge’s eye.

Fun is a fuel that can boost you to higher levels of creativity. So have some fun with your contest entries and revitalize your poetic voice!

For further thoughts on voice, check out this article in The Atlantic.

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