The 2019 edition of Pinesong is heading to the Big Apple.

Poets House, a national poetry library and literary center, has added the 55th Volume of the North Carolina Poetry Society’s awards anthology to its collection of over 70,000 poetry books.

In addition to its inclusion in the collection, Pinesong 2019 will be on exhibit this summer as part of the 2020 Poets House Showcase. This annual event started in 1992 with a display of 800 works. It now includes over 3,000 volumes, broadsides, anthologies and poetry related texts. More than 800 commercial publishers, university presses, and small presses from across the country are represented in this inclusive exhibit.

Learn more about this cornucopia of American poetry here.

Published by Craig Kittner

The Adult Contests Director for the North Carolina Poetry Society, Craig has lived in a lot of places. Providence, RI saw the start of interesting things that DC helped solidify. He's worked a lot of jobs, too. Dealing blackjack was an interesting challenge. Now he lives kind-of-near the sea and makes his living through communication. But don't we all. Recent publications include Rabid Oak, Bones, and the Dead Mule School of Southern Literature.

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