student awards

North Carolina Poetry Society’s wonderful Student Contests Director, Arianna Del Palazzo, has been hard at work organizing the contests for students from grade 3 and up. The winning poems will published alongside our adult winners in the Pinesong awards anthology. The student poets will also be invited to read their work at Awards Day.

Here is Arianna’s announcement of the winners:

The Student Contest submissions came to a close on February 1st, 2020 with over 500 submissions! So many talented poets submitted their work. Our 4 judges certainly had a difficult task at hand. 

It is with much excitement and pride we announce this years NC Student Poetry Contest Winners! 

Sherry Pruitt Award

First place: bao
Emily Yang
Second Place: Ambiance
LauraLee Hurst
Third Place: Insignificant Ant
Charles Canady
Honorable Mention: Sour Sayings
Baker Sanders
Honorable Mention: Away
Matilda Ziegler
Honorable Mention: Winter is Approaching
Nathan Creech

Joan Scott Memorial Award

First Place: If You Stayed in Cabin Six
Gray Fickling
Second Place: I Want to Be There
Anna Berens
Third Place: Storms
Delaney Osborne
Honorable Mentions: Lighting
Raya Robertson
Honorable Mention: Hopeful Beginning
Sanjana Solanki
Honorable Mention: The Earth and Us
Megan Perry

Travis Tuck Jordan Award

First Place: The Round Soccer Ball
Principe Nzayiramya
Second Place: Clyde
Gray Fickling
Third Place: The State Fair
Hailey Williams
Honorable Mention: Sea Creatures
Muna Uchendu
Honorable Mention: Mythical Creatures
Olivia Smith
Honorable Mention: A Day in the Life of a Frog
Alexandra Leszczuk

Mary Chilton Award

First Place: Ode To My Violin
Nadya Kotlyarevska
Second Place: Sensitive
Lela Ward
Third Place: Flood Prison
Avery Anderson
Honorable Mention: Stars Shine Brightly
Kenna Zhang
Honorable Mention: Eggs
Alex Pomeloy
Honorable Mention: Being Aware
Katherine Lyons

A huge thanks to all the teachers who took the time to submit multiple student poems. Without their willingness to participate, contests like this would not be possible! 

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