Last Call and a Final Hint

The submission period for the Pinesong Awards for 2021 ends at midnight. Please email your entries by then.

As I settle in to process the entries that have come in over the last several days, let me give you a final hint: you don’t have to send all your entries at the same time.

If you send some this afternoon, or if you’ve already sent some, and you get the urge to enter something else, you may do so up to the midnight deadline.

Perhaps the unprecedented events of this week have inspired fresh ink. If so, we’d love to see it.

The final poem share for this season is from NCPS member Gary Phillips:

On the River

Two older boys and me, loaded with gear
Came to the Green River in nighttime.
We trolled the river and laid out some lines
And water was over my chest at times.
It was a year like any other year.

Our forests lost and farmland gone to seed,
We caught some fish and cooked them on a fire
Watched the water and talked about desire
Howled at the moon and called each other liar
while Nixon wept and televised his greed

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