Thomas H. McDill Award

I spent these past few days celebrating Thanksgiving with my family and a few close friends. It was three days of food and games and laughter and impromptu crochet projects that filled me with utter joy. Here, I also acknowledge that the holiday itself has a violent history that deserves our reflection – one that some believe is beyond redemption. I also believe that magic is possible when people gather together to express gratitude. 

What does that have to do with the Pinesong Awards? Well. Not much. Until you consider what happens when my father begins to say grace. You might say that the traditional length of our contests would not be enough for him. He needs…more. 

The Thomas H. McDill Award offers the opportunity to craft a more substantial work, while still adhering to craft and powerful use of language. These poems can (and should) stretch beyond our typical limit of 36 lines and really wow us. Send your poems of up to 70 lines on any theme to . Be sure to check out the adult contest page for a complete list of submission guidelines. 

If you didn’t get a chance last week, today is a perfect day for Ross Gay’s Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude. You also need to sink your teeth into this heartwrenching offering from Danez Smith. Be sure to check out the 2021 Thomas H. McDill winners in the 2021 Pinesong; and learn about this year’s judge, Gaynor Kane.

Lumpkin out. 

Gaynor Kane came to writing late, after finishing a degree with a creative writing module. Her full collection, ‘Venus in Pink Marble’ was released on her 50th birthday in 2020, published by the Hedgehog Poetry Press. She has three other publications, from that press: a micro collection, ‘Circling the Sun’ (2018), about the early aviatrixes, a chapbook, ‘Memory Forest’ (2019), about burial rituals and last wishes, and a co-authored chapbook of pandemic poetry ‘Penned In’ (2020).Her forthcoming chapbook of love poems ‘Eight Types of Love’ is due to be published in February 2022. Her poems have earned places in several competitions. She has been guest editor of the Bangor Literary journal and has also performed at several festivals, including the Belfast Book Festival, Stendhal Music and Arts Festival and Cheltenham Poetry Festival.

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