2022 Pinesong Award Winners

It is my extreme pleasure to announce the winners of the 2022 Pinesong Awards

Poet Laureate Award

Preliminary Judge: Anne McMaster
Final Judge: Joseph Bathanti

First Place: Two Variations on a Theme of a Tenement (as Viewed from the Window of a Moving Train With a Song Interposed) by Maria Rouphail


A praise poem, without the praise by Mary Hennessy
Injections by Kat Bodrie
making order of things by Lucinda Trew
Perseids by Kelly Jones
Nightsong by Joyce Compton Brown
Summer at the Boy’s Camp by Carlin Corsino
Take Jesus, for Example by S. L. Cockerille
Teaching the Blind Girl by Maureen Sherbondy

Alice Osborn Award

Judge: Kristina Erny

First Place: The Frog Prince by JeanMarie Olivieri

Second Place: Pioneer by Bradley Samore

Honorable Mentions:
Hard to Get by Maura High
Nearly Winter by Gary Phillips

Carol Bessent Hayman Poetry of Love Award

Judge: Angelo T. Geter

First Place: a walk on the beach the night of our 25th anniversary by Kelly Jones

Second Place: A Meal to Die For by Mary O’Keefe Brady

Honorable Mentions:
Love Wild by Laura Alderson
Joy Prom by Lee Ann Gillen

Katherine Kennedy McIntyre Light Verse Award

Judge: Jeremy Paden

First Place: When I Lost My Wallet by J. S. Absher

Second Place: Everyday Aphorisms for Lazy Speakrs by Jane Shlensky

Honorable Mentions:
Ode to Deoderant by Bonnie Staiger
Villanelle: To Sleep by Jeanne Julian
A Foodie Visits Normandy by Mary O’Keefe Brady

Mary Ruffin Poole American Heritage Award

Judge: Richard Smyth

First Place: Copperhead by Maura High

Second Place: Palynology by Lavonne J. Adams

Honorable Mentions:
A red bird in our psyce by Liza Wolff Francis
Thicket by Anne Myles

Poetry of Courage Award

Judge: Kerri French Nelson

First Place: Winter is for Wittering by Bonnie Staiger

Second Place: No More Voiceovers by Marjorie McNamara

Honorable Mentions:
Getting to the Bottom of It by Lee Stockdale
body parts by Thomas Jackson
My Sister Shows Me Her Childhood Bus Route by Joyce Compton Brown

Bruce Lader Poetry of Witness Award

Judge: Ashlee Haze

First Place: The Big Mistake by Thomas Jackson

Second Place: October 4 by Kelly Jones

Honorable Mentions:
Nude, Descending a Staircase No. 2 by Cathy Sky
Today the English Department Fills with Stretchers by Maureen Sherbondy
Decent/Descent by Nick Sweet

Bloodroot Haiku Award

Judge: Robert Moyer

First Place: busker’s hat by Debbie Strange

Second Place: spring graduation by Ed Bremson

Honorable Mentions:
exposed bedrock by Lorraine A. Padden
her rocking chair by Jennifer Hambrick

Joanna Catherine Scott Award

Judge: Mary Jaimes-Serrano

First Place: Without/With 2020/2021 by Jeanne Julian

Second Place: NOT NICE by Nancy Young

Honorable Mentions:
Writing after Seventy by Jane Shlensky
Marriage Twice by Martin Settle
Seasons Turning by Susan Spalt

Thomas H. McDill Award

Judge: Gaynor Kane

First Place: Litchfield Beach by Katherine Crawford

Second Place: Abuela by Maria Rouphail

Honorable Mentions:
A Prayer to the TEchnician WHo Will Upload Us to the Cloud by Benjamin Cutler
Lea’s Gown by Vivian I. Bikulege
The Waters by Alison Toney

Thank you again to all who submitted, and stay tuned here for more poetry, prompts, and provocations as the year unfolds!

Lumpkin out.

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