GoDaddy Airo Helps Small Businesses Build an Online Presence

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GoDaddy Airo homepage
GoDaddy Airo can support your small business from day one. Source: Website Builder Expert
  • GoDaddy launches GoDaddy Airo to help businesses build and manage their online presence
  • GoDaddy Airo uses AI to create a website, generate marketing campaigns, and more

GoDaddy, an affordable and beginner-friendly website builder, announced GoDaddy Airo at the end of February. The AI-powered solution aims to make using AI tools quick and easy for businesses, helping business owners save time and money when growing online.

According to research by GoDaddy, small businesses can save more than $4,000 and roughly 300 hours of work in 2024 by using generative AI tools, like GoDaddy Airo.

The user-friendly and accessible feature can set you up with an online presence in minutes. And, everything created by GoDaddy Airo is fully customizable so you still maintain full control over how your website or email marketing campaign looks, for example.

GoDaddy’s President of US Independents, Gourav Pani, commented on the announcement:

“Generative AI is the great equalizer for small businesses. Technology and capabilities usually reserved for large companies with thousands of employees are now at the fingertips of anyone looking to start or grow their business. GoDaddy Airo combines the latest AI technology with the ease of use we’re known for – providing effortless and intuitive solutions to small businesses.”

GoDaddy Airo is available to newly registered GoDaddy domain name customers. While it’s unavailable in every region, US customers can already use the optional feature.

How Can GoDaddy Airo Support Your Business?

So, how can GoDaddy Airo support your business? What can the AI-powered feature create or achieve?

GoDaddy Airo can support businesses at all lifecycle stages, from initial creation to helping owners run established stores. AI tools are constantly evolving and adapting, but here’s how GoDaddy Airo can work to help your business:

  • Suggest domain names to help your business take the next step from an idea to a polished business
  • Generate logo designs that suit your business style and branding – this helps your business become recognizable online
  • Create a coming soon website if you’re not ready to fully launch your business online yet
  • Create a fully polished website – this includes AI-generated visuals, content, and pages
  • Set up a professional email account and suggest social media handles – GoDaddy Airo bases these on your registered domain name, helping your business appear more professional within the market
  • Generate product descriptions based on your uploaded product photos – this is similar to the Shopify Magic tool launched in 2023
  • Help register your business for a free LLC thanks to GoDaddy’s partnership with ZenBusiness
  • Create email marketing campaigns to help your business engage with your target audience
  • Generate a social media calendar so you can know important holidays and the best times to post
  • Generate ads across social media platforms and search engines – this can be a useful tool to help boost site visibility and traffic
  • Optimize your site for search engines with AI-powered SEO
  • Create responses to customers using GoDaddy Airo, helping your business maintain positive customer relationships

GoDaddy Airo can even support brick-and-mortar stores without the need to set up a GoDaddy website. You can create an inventory list using product photos from your GoDaddy POS device, or get real-time insights into sales trends using voice commands on the GoDaddy POS products.

GoDaddy collected data from its paid US users in late 2023 and discovered that businesses that make use of GoDaddy’s AI tools generate 28% more sales. So, GoDaddy Airo is worth keeping in mind, whether you’re looking for an AI website builder, a helping hand when it comes to marketing, or need support to boost your site’s online presence.

Because of its range of supportive features, we highly recommend using GoDaddy Airo if you’re a small business just starting out. That being said, be wary about fully relying on AI tools, especially for content on your site. Your website will be more unique if it’s crafted – or customized, at least – by human hands.

GoDaddy Airo is available for US small businesses now. Additional features and capabilities are in the works, and we’ll update you as soon as anything further is announced.

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