How To Find Trending Products To Sell Online

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No matter what stage of the ecommerce journey you’re at, you probably know that one of the biggest tricks for success once you’ve built your online store is finding the right products to sell.

There’s no shortage of ecommerce stores out there – in fact, there are more than ever thanks to website builders making it easier than ever to get online. That means you need to be selling just the right products if you want online shoppers to choose your website.

Selling trending products can be one of the best ways of attracting customers to your online store and encouraging them to convert.

But what exactly are trending products and how can you find the right ones to sell? Read on to find out.

Why are Trending Products a Good Opportunity For Your Online Store?

A trending product is an item that is currently proving popular with a wide audience.

These products may be trending for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they’ve gone viral on social media or maybe there’s a large seasonal demand for them. Whatever the reasons for their popularity, they are items that large volumes of people are looking for online.

For example, before the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us would have never dreamt of needing reusable face masks. During the pandemic, however, everyone needed them in order to stay safe and comply with government regulations.

This major increase in demand saw thousands of ecommerce retailers start selling reusable face masks. They were a trending product.

There are various types of trending products such as long-term trends (items that are constantly popular), short-term trends (items that experience a large boost in popularity for a short amount of time), and seasonal trends (items that are popular at specific times of the year, for example Christmas trees in December).

Selling trending products from your online store can come with a wide range of benefits, including less competition on platforms such as Google and enabling you to set a higher price point whilst still staying competitive.

10 Ways to Find Trending Products to Sell Online

Luckily there are various ways for you to find trending products that you can sell on your ecommerce store. These tips will help you jump ahead of the competition.

#1. Google Trends

Google Trends is a great way to discover the search volume of certain products over a specified time period, allowing you to identify just how popular an item currently is.

Just because everyone is searching for that product right now, doesn’t mean they will be in 12 months’ time. Google Trends allows you to plot trends over time so you can discover if an item is growing in popularity or not.

Top Tip: Generally speaking, if the trend line is going up steadily then the product in question will be a good choice for your online store. Be aware of any sharp increases that may indicate a fad that will soon die out.

#2. Influencer Activity

Influencer activity
Monitoring what products popular influencers are posting about is a great way to see what's on-trend online.

Influencers are the new rockstars and their audiences hang off their every word. If they recommend a product, people will buy it.

Once you’ve decided on the niche you want to target, follow influencers who fit within this category on social media.

In today’s digital world influencers will often receive the latest and hottest products first. If an influencer is raving about it, the chances are the product is set to trend in a big way.

Market trends and audience behavior are majorly impacted by influencers and the products they recommend. TikTok and Instagram are the two key platforms to keep an eye on. 

Top Tip: Once you’ve identified influencers in your niche, begin building a relationship with them. In the future, you may want to implement your own influencer marketing strategy!

#3. YouTube Unboxing Videos

YouTube unboxing videos
YouTube unboxing videos are popular in tech, fashion, and beauty niches.

YouTube unboxing videos are exactly what they sound like. YouTubers (people who make YouTube videos) will film themselves unboxing a product, often giving their first impressions.

YouTube unboxing videos can be beneficial for finding out which products are seeing the most traction and coverage online, and are particularly good for key niches such as fashion and beauty as well as tech and electronics.

You can also search “trending products” on YouTube and you’ll be given a host of product unboxing videos that are popular right now.

Pay close attention to the date that a video was uploaded (you don’t want to focus on products that were trending two years ago) as well the number of likes, comments, and views the videos have.

#4. Amazon Suggest

Amazon suggest
The Amazon suggest features give you an array of popular search terms related to your chosen niche.

The Amazon suggest feature within the marketplaces search bar is one of the best ways to discover what products people are looking for.

Often, the feature will highlight popular searches and items that don’t yet have their own product category on the site, giving you a chance to get ahead of the competition.

For example, if you were to type in “garden furniture” the suggest feature may bring up searches such as “garden furniture covers”, “garden furniture sets”, or “garden furniture with fire pits” giving you a strong idea of which products are currently being searched for and talked about online.

#5. Amazon Movers and Shakers

Amazon movers and shakers
Amazon movers and shakers gives real-time insight into what is popular on the online marketplace.

Another way you can use Amazon to help identify trending products is through their movers and shakers list.

The list details all of the most popular trending products in recent days. This is a pretty time-sensitive feature and just because something is on the list today doesn’t mean it will be there tomorrow.

That being said, it’s ideal if you’re a dropshipper or have the capacity to launch products quickly.

#6. Popular Sections on Wish List Websites

Wish list website
Wish list websites like Gift Hero usually feature popular product sections as well as product guides created by their experts based on recent trending products.

Wish list websites are exactly what they sound like – a website for people to make a wish list.

Users are able to make a wish list for specific reasons such as a wedding registry or Christmas presents. They can also make a generic list of items they would like to buy in the future.

These websites can be particularly useful because they will often have a “popular products” section. Here you can see which products are being added to the most wishlists.

The more wishlists a product features on, the more likely it is to be a successful trending product for your ecommerce store.

Top Tip: Popular wish list websites include Gift Hero and Giftster.

#7. Reddit Threads

Reddit threads
Reddit threads can be a great way to discover what people are talking about online such as this discussion about the best BBQ tools.

Reddit is bursting with comment threads and discussions on every topic imaginable, but if you’re willing to search through the noise it can be a useful website for identifying trending products.

There are major threads that are dedicated to people raving about their latest purchases or discussing their top wish list items that can be useful.

The best thing to do, however, is to focus on subreddits that are focused on your particular products and niche.

For example, if you sell garden furniture, keep an eye on gardening-related threads. Try to identify any patterns in what users are posting that will help you determine the kind of garden furniture that’s proving popular.

#8. Twitter Trending Hashtags

Twitter trending topics
Twitter trending topics tell you what people are talking about on the social media platform.

Twitter is a hive of trending topics and information, but some of it can be useful for determining which products are trending and which have the potential to make you money.

You can use the search bar on Twitter to look for key phrases related to your niche or try searching for related hashtags and accounts.

Make a note of which topics are regularly trending and the kinds of content that people are posting. If you notice certain topics are trending regularly this may help to inform you on what products will be popular for people shopping online.

Top Tip: Remember to think about the longevity of trending products. They may be trending now but how long is the popularity likely to last? Make sure you pick items that will be popular long enough for you to make a profit.

#9. Pinterest Suggest

Pinterest suggest
The Pinterest suggest feature is a great way to find out what people are searching for in relation to your niche.

Pinterest is full of aesthetic inspiration and product recommendations.

Its suggest feature works just like the Amazon suggest tool that we’ve already mentioned.

Simply type your term into the search bar and Pinterest will present you with various suggested search terms.

The words and phrases it suggests will usually be trending topics or searches that are currently proving popular, giving you an idea of what products your audience will be looking for in the coming weeks and months.

#10. Facebook Ad Library

Facebook Ad library
Facebook Ad library gives you insights into all of the ads currently being run on the platform.

The Facebook Ad Library can be a treasure trove of trending products but people often overlook it when hunting down inspiration for their online store.

Many B2C brands will now launch new product lines on Facebook with a targeted advert campaign. You can use the Ad Library to check out what adverts your competitors are posting, giving you a good idea of their latest products.

You’ll need to know which brands you want to keep an eye on and you can follow them within the Ad Library interface so that you never miss a new launch.

If your competitors are launching certain popular products you can use this information to ensure you’re able to offer customers something even better at a competitive price.

#11 Industry News and Events

Love the Outdoors
Love the Outdoors is a popular blog that would be useful for companies looking for trending outdoor and camping products to sell online.

Keeping up to date with industry news and events is a great way to keep your finger on the pulse when it comes to what’s proving popular in your specific industry.

Follow relevant blogs and news websites that create content related to products in your chosen niche and subscribe to newsletters to get insights and inspiration straight to your inbox.

Networking with industry professionals is also a great way to discover what real people are looking for.

For example, if you sell office supplies, form relationships with office managers who are likely in charge of ordering stock and will provide valuable insights into what’s in demand…and what’s not.

#12 Online Trend Discovery Tools

Buzzsumo is a social media trend tracking tool that gives you insight into what is trending on social media.

Online trend discovery tools can be invaluable to ecommerce store owners looking to find trending products to sell online.

There are various trend discovery tools on the market but most work in a similar way and analyze market trends to provide you with trending product ideas based on your own requirements.

You can then leverage the data and insights the tool provides to make an informed decision on the products you want to sell online.

Some of the key metrics to focus on are:

  • Historical data to analyze long-term trends and opportunities
  • Search volume
  • Social media mentions
  • Engagement levels

You can also utilize filters and categories to narrow down the data in order to find trending products within your industry niche.

How to Find Trending Products: Summary

As you can see, there are multiple ways that you can uncover trending products to sell from your ecommerce store.

We recommend you combine a few of these techniques to get as much insight as possible into what people are searching for and buying online.

Once you’ve established your niche you’ll be able to use these methods to find product ideas that you may not have otherwise thought of.

Researching trending products is a great way to ensure there is a wide market for your online store. After all, nobody wants to put all the effort into creating an online store and selling products online only for nobody to be interested in buying them. This is also the chance to incorporate upselling in your business.

Now that you understand why trending products can be such a good opportunity for your online store and how to begin finding them, all that’s left for you to do is implement the strategies from this article. For more insights, see our list of recommended profitable products to sell online and our ideas on what to make and sell.

If you try any of them out be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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