GoDaddy Launches a Trio of New Generative AI Tools

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GoDaddy’s new generative content tool makes creating product descriptions quick and efficient
  • GoDaddy announces the launch of three new generative AI tools to ease the manual strain of everyday tasks consuming entrepreneurs’ time.
  • The three tools target online product descriptions, customer service messages, and Instagram and Facebook Ads.

GoDaddy is the latest website builder to unveil a trio of brand-new generative AI tools to increase efficiency for its users. Having announced the launch of its AI Prompt Library back in April, GoDaddy seems keen to grow its AI offering, seeking to address a universal entrepreneurial pain point – time, and the lack of it.

Gourav Pani, the president of GoDaddy U.S. Independents said, “We’ve heard from small businesses who want to grow their business, but they also want to improve their work-life balance.” He added, “GoDaddy built these AI tools with entrepreneurs in mind. Reducing the effort to create content that attracts and engages their customers, for instance, frees up small business owners’ time to focus on growing their business and devoting time to their families.”

1 GoDaddy’s New AI Tools

The first of GoDaddy’s new tools aims to ease the burden of cumbersome product uploads for ecommerce businesses. Now, GoDaddy can create accurate, concise product descriptions based on images of products taken and uploaded by the store owner. Using three AI models, the description is automatically assigned to the product, making uploads faster and content fresher and more compelling.

Moving away from the storefront, GoDaddy’s new Conversations app focuses on behind-the-scenes operations. The customer service messaging tool collates all emails, texts, notes, and direct messages between business owners and clients, summarizing them. This means that entrepreneurs won’t have to scroll through endless conversations to pinpoint what the customer said they wanted and when they wanted it. It also generates a number of responses that businesses can send to clients in order to keep channels of communication open.

GoDaddy’s last tool shifts its focus to the world of social media. Now more prevalent than ever, small businesses need to take advantage of the marketing potential offered by this platform. That’s where Digital Ads comes in. Conscious of the fact that most entrepreneurs aren’t advertising specialists, Digital Ads uses generative AI to create eye-catching ads for Facebook and Instagram that follow advertising best practices while attracting new customers to the business.

Using findings from a recent survey, GoDaddy’s new AI tools speak to an entrepreneurial need for extra help. The survey found that one in four businesses indicated a willingness to leverage outside help for tasks like creating content. Pani claims that these new tools will answer this need, allowing users to “leverage the best tools to get a head start on the competition.”

With Wix also releasing a generative AI text tool back in March, GoDaddy isn’t the only website builder out there seeking to boost its AI offering. The release of these new tools is promising for users who want to save time, something that GoDaddy already prioritizes with its super speedy website-building process. Not only that, but it demonstrates the brand’s desire to stay ahead of the curve, exploring the new possibilities that AI can bring to its users.

It seems that these new tools are just the beginning for the builder. After GoDaddy’s announcement, Pani said that the brand would be launching more in the coming weeks, helping small business owners to “save time and win new customers using the best of what constantly improving AI has to offer.”

Watch this space!

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