Shopify Winter ‘23 Edition: Our Top Picks

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In February, Shopify launched the latest installment of Shopify Editions: Winter ‘23. To give you some context, the editions drop twice yearly and summarize all the new and upcoming products hitting the platform.

The needs of business owners and customers are constantly evolving, so it’s important that popular platforms – like Shopify – take the time to share what’s new and what can be expected down the line.

Shopify’s Winter ‘23 edition focuses on driving long-term success and includes over 100+ product updates and improvements. We’ve reviewed it all and selected our top five picks to share with you, focusing on areas that we know our readers care about the most, such as ecommerce and marketing.

1. One-page Checkout

Shopify Checkout is getting a new look with a one-page layout later this year. With this revised format, customers won’t have to input as much information or click through multiple pages to complete their purchase which should hopefully result in less cart abandonment. As Shopify says, “it’s faster, higher-converting, and exactly what your customers expect”.

We also want to add that Shopify has added a new drag-and-drop editor to its checkout page, meaning it’s now easier than ever to make a custom checkout for your business using brand assets, like a logo or color scheme.

2. Marketing Automations

Every business needs to master marketing if they want to be successful online, and Shopify’s automated tools and pre-made templates will help simplify the work, especially when it comes to email marketing. For example, you can make sure emails are automatically sent to welcome new customers, thank them for their first purchase, or even encourage them back to your site if it’s been a while since they last browsed.

Additionally, Shopify’s Winter ‘23 Edition mentioned its new marketing filters, so you can start categorizing your customers into groups based on audience insights to help with personalized campaigns.

3. Enhanced Inventory Management

If you have physical products to sell and distribute, logistics can be a real pain to manage. The good news is that Shopify will now automatically position products as close to buyers as possible, and its smart order routing feature – set to launch this year – will help you minimize shipping costs and delays by finding the optimal location to deliver from.

However, we’re most excited by Shopify’s new inventory tracking system which will give business owners a unique view of product quantities across stock locations.

4. Improved Reporting

Shopify’s improved reporting tools will help you get better insights and analytics on your website and customers going forward. From fresh views to data comparison tools, you can monitor the performance of your business more accurately.

One interesting element of Shopify’s update is the cohort analysis – its purpose is to uncover loyal customers, monitor their behavior throughout the checkout process, and identify ways to maintain these relationships long-term. This is especially useful during busy holiday periods, covering data such as average order value and purchase location, and you’ll also get insight into any repeat purchases that are made.

5. Shopify Tax

Tax isn’t the most exciting part of starting or running your own business, and it can be incredibly confusing – especially if you’re new to the world of ecommerce. But don’t worry, because Shopify Tax will handle it all for you, taking away the stress of such a complicated task when you’re already juggling so much as a business owner.

We really love the state-by-state overview and the fact that Shopify will automatically apply the right rates when necessary, staying on top of any local or larger changes.

From faster site speed to product bundles to translation tools – it’s hard to choose just five when there are so many amazing products and updates to share in Shopify’s Winter ‘23 Edition. We’re certainly looking forward to seeing what else Shopify has in store, and we’ll make sure to keep you updated on any new changes.

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