6 Best Print on Demand Store Examples

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The print on demand industry is growing rapidly, and the market is highly competitive, so it’s important to understand what sets successful print on demand stores apart from the rest. The print on demand business model is easy enough to understand, and it’s an affordable gateway into the world of ecommerce.

When starting out, you simply need to figure out the best print on demand products to sell, and which printing supplier you want to work with. It’s helpful to see how others navigate the marketplace though, so we’ve put together a list of six print on demand store examples in the hope they can inspire you and show you what opportunities lie ahead.

1. LoveMplsParks

Built with WordPress using WooCommerce

LoveMplsParks was founded to help engage people with the parks of Minneapolis and to ensure they continue to thrive for future generations. It’s a great example of a successful print on demand store that also does some good with each sale — 50% of all profits from the shop are donated to support community-driven projects that benefit the parks. Its site design, built with WordPress and using WooCommerce, has a lot of effective features:

  • Detailed product pages
  • Helpful sizing guides
  • Easy-to-use filters when browsing (you can search by design or apparel type)
  • Related product links

The website has been styled to champion the brand’s message and values, with a green design and a navigation bar for easy access to the store, donation page, and news about the parks.

2. Living Sea Sculpture

Built with GoDaddy

Though it’s largely a site for education and conservation purposes, Living Sea Sculpture’s shop includes some relevant and on-theme print on demand products like swimwear and tote bags. This GoDaddy website ties its products to the company’s missions and cause — for example, its rash guards not only protect you from the sun but protect the ocean from toxic sunscreens. There are a lot of other cool features too:

  • Easy shop navigation
  • Image galleries
  • Detailed product pages
  • Customer reviews

What we love about this website is the use of colors that match up so well with the company’s overall aesthetic. The blue tones of the coral reef are present throughout the products and Living Sea Sculpture has been clever with the design choices to please its target audience.

3. OwlKitty

Built with Wix

Built with Wix, this fun print on demand store example partners up a loveable cat with beloved movies. The website is humorous and the layout matches the brand’s quirky vibe. Its product catalog is small, but there’s enough variety to meet a range of customer needs, and the apparel, posters, bags, and sticker designs all feature the mascot of the company — Lizzy aka OwlKitty! Though most of the content sits on the one page, it has a lot of great elements that are useful for a print on demand store to have:

  • Image galleries
  • Offers personalized postcards
  • Large range of color and size options on apparel
  • Brand voice present in product description

We love the simplicity of the website design that remains true to the company tone, and there’s an easy navigation to the product pages. OwlKitty strategically uses black, red, and yellow hues across the site which partners well with its chosen designs.

4. Colette Paperie

Built with Big Cartel

Founded in 2009, this colorful website of stationery goodness is a delight to browse. Colette Paperie is a brilliant example of a print on demand store whose website design matches the products being sold. The bestselling cards are bold and funny, but the company features a range of other products as well, from tote bags to keychains. As a print on demand store example, Colette Paperie has a lot of effective features:

  • Large product catalog
  • Clear and professional product images
  • Consistent use of brand colors
  • FAQ and shipping pages

The site is functional and easy to browse thanks to the handy navigation bar at the top. We also love that each product page highlights items that customers also bought to try and persuade additional purchases. Very smart!

5. BookBildr

Built with WordPress using WooCommerce

BookBildr allows customers to design and create children’s picture books from scratch, whether that’s teachers, family members, non-profits, authors, or children themselves! Using a print on demand supplier to fulfill its orders, stories can come to life in a physical product. There are a number of great features across the site, including customer testimonials and more:

  • Use of icons to visualize the printing process
  • Detailed book format descriptions
  • Worldwide shipping cost table
  • FAQ page

The website design is simple but effective, and it uses a number of impactful illustrations alongside the text which keeps it from appearing too cluttered. It’s very visually pleasing, and that’s exactly what a children’s book should be too, so customers should know they’re in good hands!

6. Little Tail Farms

Built with Wix

This Tennessee-based farm uses print on demand to supply its gift shop with branded products. Built with Wix, it has separated its items into defined categories, and you can easily browse with the carousel wheel design. There are a great number of effective website features in use:

  • Product carousel
  • Image galleries
  • Large color and size range for apparel

Supporting small and local businesses is always a plus, and Little Tail Farms promotes itself well by personalizing its products with the company logo. What we love most about this print on demand store example is its inclusivity with the sizing range and the detailed product descriptions.


Setting up your own print on demand store can be stressful, so finding inspiration in existing stores is a big help. That’s why we also have this list of examples of print on demand online stores made exclusively using Shopify, a leader in ecommerce.

The print on demand industry is growing, and you want to make sure your business stands out in the busy crowd. As you can see from the examples of print on demand stores we’ve shared, it’s important to think about your branding (especially color choice), product images, and detailed descriptions so customers understand what they’re buying and who they’re buying from.

If you think you’re ready to set up your own print on demand store, consider these ecommerce website builders to start building your website, and these print on demand companies to source your products from.

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