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  • Use Hostinger’s mobile editor to build and manage your website
  • Available on Hostinger’s Website Builder & Web Hosting plan and select hosting plans

Hostinger, a relatively fresh face in the website builder industry, has announced an updated mobile editor to help you create and edit your website using your mobile device.

You don’t need to download a separate app – the intuitive design means it’s easy to change your site without needing a desktop or tablet. Not only does this make Hostinger a more accessible website builder, but it also gives users the flexibility to work on their website where and when it’s convenient for them.

For example, you might be struck with an idea when you’re out and about or can’t sleep at night, or you might have an urgent fix to make to one of your pages. With the mobile-friendly editor, Hostinger allows users to jump right in and start working on their website without delay.

To gain access to the mobile editor, you’ll need to be subscribed to Hostinger’s Website Builder & Web Hosting plan or any of Hostinger’s web and cloud hosting plans.

Using Hostinger’s Mobile Editor

Since Hostinger’s mobile editor isn’t a separate app, you simply need to open your preferred browser on your mobile device and use the editor in the same way as a desktop. Once there, navigate your account’s sidebar and choose to create a new website or edit an existing site. Pretty simple!

Hostinger promotes its mobile editor as a mirror of its desktop website builder, stating that all of the “essential website creation and editing features” are included. To help you build a website and manage your website’s design, you can:

  • Navigate your website’s dashboard – stay on top of your site’s looks and backend settings
  • Tweak or add website elements – move elements like text boxes, images, and contact forms around with a touch of your finger or use the arrow buttons
  • Rearrange your website’s layout – switch up your sections and give your website a whole new look with the mobile editor
  • Manage your pages and navigation – make it easier for visitors to find their way around, whether they’re on mobile or desktop
  • Update your website’s style – change your colors and fonts with ease so you can always make sure your site’s branding and aesthetic match your business
  • Create blog posts – edit new or existing content to keep your website’s blog up to date
  • Access Hostinger’s AI tools – make the most of Hostinger’s suite of AI tools including AI Assist for speedy text generation when working from your mobile device
  • Monitor your site – keep track of performance, traffic, and overall statistics

Hostinger’s mobile editor makes all of this possible from your mobile device, giving website owners the freedom to choose which device works best for them when editing and managing their website. You can even seamlessly switch between the two editors without any hiccups.

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