Hostinger Website Builder Review 2024: AI Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

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Hostinger’s website builder is an all-in-one package for AI enthusiasts and beginners, offering a user-friendly editor and affordable plans. Ranking in our top five website builders of the year, we recognize the appeal of Hostinger’s suite of AI tools to help users get online quickly and easily.

In this detailed review, I’ll take a closer look at the pros and cons of Hostinger, as well as its pricing, templates, and more.

I recommend Hostinger for: I don't recommend Hostinger for:
  • Fans of AI tools to help with building support
  • Simple websites looking for a user-friendly experience
  • Budget-conscious builders
  • Advanced builders or complex websites since Hostinger caters to beginners more than designers
  • Rapidly expanding online stores due to scalability issues and basic ecommerce features
  • Hostinger Pros & Cons

    If you’re short on time, get a summarized review of Hostinger’s key benefits and drawbacks below:

    What I Like

    ✔️ Hostinger’s AI website builder created a website for me in under 60 seconds, meaning I could get to work on editing and adding content quickly

    ✔️ The easy drag-and-drop editor is ideal for beginners, and the smart grid helps to keep things neat and aligned without restricting you creatively

    ✔️ The suite of AI tools on the Business Website Builder plan helps generate content and images, as well as monitor website visitors

    ✔️ Hostinger’s cheap and affordable plans – you can sell online for just $3.99 per month

    ✔️ 24/7 live chat and email support so you can get in touch with the experts whenever help is needed

    What I Dislike

    ❌ There’s no app market so you can’t add extra functionality or tools easily

    ❌ Hostinger doesn’t provide built-in email marketing tools, making it difficult to promote your site online and engage with your target audience

    No free plan but you can try its AI website builder out before committing to a plan with Hostinger’s 30-day free trial

    Limited scalability – with only two plans, Hostinger caps your site’s capacity to grow online

    ❌ Despite being affordable at the start, be warned that prices will increase dramatically once it’s time to renew

    My Experience With Hostinger

    Hostinger makes the building process quick and simple. In fact, it’s the second easiest website builder we’ve tested, sitting just behind Squarespace.

    First, I was asked what tool I wanted to build with: WordPress or Hostinger’s website builder. For this review, I’ll focus on Hostinger’s website builder – this is the easier option overall and what we recommend using generally.

    After inputting a domain name, or selecting to use a temporary one for the time being, I was then presented with another choice:

    • Use Hostinger’s AI website builder
    • Choose a pre-made template

    I picked the AI builder. The final part of the onboarding process asked for my brand name, website type (such as online store or portfolio), and a brief description of my project or brand. Hostinger also suggests you include your desired fonts and color palette in this form – all of this is to help the AI builder create something personalized to your needs.

    While this sounds pretty simple, I appreciated the prompt examples provided by Hostinger to help get the ball rolling.

    Hostinger AI builder form to create a website
    I filled out a simple form to guide Hostinger’s AI website builder. Source: Website Builder Expert

    The AI website builder took about a minute to create my site and apply the finishing touches. I wanted to build a website for my pet supply store and the resulting look was pretty basic, though it included key elements like a shop and newsletter sign-up form.

    That said, the AI image generation was pretty horrifying – my pet supply store seemed to cater to mutant animals instead of cuddly pets. Thankfully, I could easily swap out these AI-generated images and content in the editor.

    Hostinger AI builder preview for a pet supply store, showing a homepage with a large AI-generated image of pets on shelves
    The AI builder populated my pet supply store with terrifying AI-generated images. Source: Website Builder Expert

    After previewing the website made for me, I proceeded to the editor to start designing and tweaking. The handy setup checklist in the sidebar was brilliantly helpful – the nine-step journey guided me through the process, covering things like editing headers and updating social media icons.

    Sidebar in Hostinger's website editor showing a setup checklist
    I could follow along with Hostinger’s setup checklist to help make the final touches to my AI-generated website. Source: Website Builder Expert

    Hostinger is so easy to use and that’s largely because of its beginner-friendly drag-and-drop editor. I had no trouble adding new sections or moving parts around. Plus, the smart grid really helped when aligning elements, letting me snap boxes together neatly – and I loved that I could move outside of the grid if I wanted to.

    Hostinger’s drag-and-drop editor has a similar appearance to Squarespace because of this, but with the added freedom of Wix, giving you the best of both worlds.

    Using Hostinger's website editor, showing a text box being dragged along Hostinger's smart grid
    The drag-and-drop editor let me move elements, like text boxes, wherever I wanted. Source: Website Builder Expert

    How Much Does Hostinger Cost?

    Hostinger is one of the cheapest website builders, costing far less than other leading platforms, such as Wix. This makes it an ideal option for anyone on a budget or looking to save costs when choosing a website builder.

    There are two plans to choose from:

    Hostinger Pricing Plans

    1. Premium Website Builder ($2.99) For personal sites and projects
    2. Business Website Builder ($3.99) For selling online

    These per-month prices are for a 48-month subscription, so be warned that the fees will increase if you opt for a shorter term, such as annually or month-by-month. Hostinger’s pricing will also rise when it’s time to renew – for example, the $2.99 per month cost will renew at $7.99 per month once your 48-month contract expires.

    The good news is that if you choose a 48-month term, you can get an additional three months for free.

    Hostinger pricing and subscription lengths for the Premium Website Builder plan
    The cheapest deal I could get was with Hostinger’s 48-month subscription – and it comes with an extra three months for free. Source: Website Builder Expert

    Unfortunately, Hostinger doesn’t offer a free plan, but you can use the 30-day free trial to test Hostinger’s AI website builder out for yourself. No card details necessary.

    We recommend choosing the cheaper Premium plan to unlock the core features, including Hostinger’s AI website builder. This will be more than suitable for simple websites, personal projects, or portfolio websites.

    If you want to sell online and get access to Hostinger’s full suite of AI tools (which we’ll discuss in more detail later), you’ll need the Business Website Builder plan.

    Designing With Hostinger

    If you choose to build a website using one of Hostinger’s pre-made templates, there are 150 to pick from. These designer-made templates cater to a diverse range of businesses and website types, such as “Travel,” “Community,” and “Fashion”.

    I was impressed by the quality of Hostinger’s templates when I first browsed the library – in fact, the templates are on par with Squarespace in our design tests. I particularly liked the “Kristine” template for beauty websites since services, contact forms, and testimonials are already built-in.

    Select templates also feature a “Personalize with AI” tag in the library, meaning you can use Hostinger’s AI tools to tailor the template specifically for your needs.

    Unfortunately, Hostinger doesn’t have a mobile app, meaning you’ll have to use your mobile’s internet browser to edit or manage your website on the go.

    Hostinger website template library, showing category filters and two images of templates
    I filtered Hostinger’s template library by category to find the right match for my test website. Source: Website Builder Expert

    AI Tools and Support

    Hostinger has prioritized the growth and development of its AI tools over core website functionality. While this could be viewed negatively by some, it does mean that Hostinger has nurtured a suite of AI-powered features to help website owners quickly generate content and manage their sites.

    We’ve already discussed Hostinger’s AI website builder in detail, but, if you’re subscribed to the Business Website Builder plan, you’ll also unlock:

    • AI Image Generator – for additional credits, you can input a brief description and choose an image style, such as “comic book” or “low poly”, to have AI generate images for your site
    • AI Page Generator – generate a page based on your description (users are currently testing this feature)
    • AI Writer – give AI a description of the copy you want it to create, but be careful of overusing the tool since there’s a daily usage limit
    • AI Blog Generator – create blog posts by sharing a prompt, choosing a tone of voice (such as “Formal”), and setting a length between 300 and 2,000 words
    • AI Heatmaps – use this to predict user behavior and see where on your site draws the most attention from visitors
    • AI Logo Maker – if you have the credits to spend, create a logo for your business using AI
    • AI SEO Tools – Hostinger’s AI SEO Assistant helps to optimize your pages for search engines based on your descriptions and keywords

    As you can see, Hostinger boasts a lot of AI features! However, some tools come with parameters, like the AI Blog Generator. This puts a limit on what Hostinger can create for you, but they can still be useful tools to generate content for your site quickly.

    Of course, we recommend reviewing and editing anything created by AI, particularly copy, before pushing it live.

    Hostinger's AI SEO Assistant asking for a prompt to describe the page
    Hostinger’s AI SEO Assistant helped me optimize my pages for search results. Source: Website Builder Expert

    Hostinger’s Website Features

    When it comes to website features, Hostinger performed poorly in our testing. What’s on offer is incredibly lightweight in comparison to the feature-rich plans available with Wix, for example.

    Hostinger’s all-in-one solution includes hosting with your plan, like most website builders. This brings a range of perks, such as unlimited bandwidth and free SSL certificates.

    In addition to this, you can expect basic website features, such as:

    • A free custom domain name for the first year (if you choose an annual subscription or longer)
    • Up to 100 email addresses and each account comes with 1GB of storage space
    • Marketing tools via third-party integrations, such as WhatsApp for communications and Google Analytics for website insights
    • Mobile optimization – Hostinger builds mobile-friendly sites from the get-go, automatically adjusting your content for different screen sizes
    • SEO – Hostinger automatically generates sitemaps, and you can use AI to assist with optimizing your site

    These are pretty standard features, available on all leading website builders. The real downside of Hostinger is that there’s no app market. This means you can’t add extra functionality or tools to your site, so what you pay for with your plan is what you get.

    Selling Online

    Ecommerce functionality is only available on Hostinger’s new Business Website Builder plan (from $3.99 per month). This makes Hostinger a considerably cheaper option for selling online than other website builders, like Wix (from $27 per month) or Shopify (from $29 per month). However, you’ll miss out on the dedicated sales features you get with the higher price tag, such as abandoned cart recovery.

    With Hostinger, you can expect basic ecommerce features, such as:

    • Sell up to 500 products – in comparison, Shopify and Squarespace allow unlimited products
    • Manage orders and inventory through your Hostinger dashboard
    • Set up shipping options such as zones and methods
    • Accept appointments and bookings and manage your availability in your Hostinger dashboard
    • 20+ payment methods, such as Stripe and Apple Pay
    • Customizable checkout options including checkout language and adding custom fields
    Hostinger's store manager dashboard showing a list of products and pricing
    I could manage and edit everything about my online store through Hostinger’s store manager dashboard. Source: Website Builder Expert

    One of Hostinger’s standout features for online stores is the fact that there are no transaction fees. With Squarespace, for example, you’ll need to sign up for the $27 per month Commerce Basic plan to remove transaction fees entirely.

    While Hostinger’s ecommerce plan is incredibly affordable, its basic sales features and limited scalability won’t make it a viable option for any growing business. I recommend a dedicated ecommerce website builder, like Shopify, for a long-term solution that offers powerful tools, third-party apps, and a robust product backend.

    How Does Hostinger Keep Your Website Secure?

    One of the most important elements of building and maintaining a website is security. You want to keep your website safe from harmful attacks online, but you also want to protect the data of your visitors and customers, too. Having a secure website helps build brand trust.

    Thankfully, since Hostinger is also a hosting provider, security is front of mind. Every website comes with a free SSL certificate, automatic weekly backups, 24/7 server monitoring, advanced fraud detection for stores, and a Cloudflare DNS firewall to protect nameservers from attacks.

    Hostinger’s Customer Support

    Hostinger’s help and support is pretty standard in the market. You can get support from Hostinger via the following channels:

    • 24/7 live chat – when testing, I had a response within 10 seconds
    • 24/7 email support
    • Social media, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, X/Twitter, and YouTube
    • Knowledge Base, featuring articles on everything from domains to SSL certificates
    • Tutorials, including webinars and video guides
    • Hostinger Academy, sharing videos on YouTube for quick tips and guidance
    Hostinger live chat pop up box answering a query about image alt text
    I used Hostinger's live chat and got a response in seconds. Source: Website Builder Expert

    Unfortunately, you won’t be able to connect with Hostinger through a traditional phone call. There’s also no community forum for customers to come together and share grievances or solutions – this is a real shame when all other top website builders include this feature.

    How Does Hostinger Compare to Competitors?

    Hostinger takes the fifth spot in our list of the best website builders. It targets beginners and simple websites, simplifying the building process with its AI website builder and suite of AI tools. But is Hostinger the right fit for your website?

    See how Hostinger compares to our top four website builders for 2024:

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    Overall Rating
    Overall Rating
    Overall Rating
    Overall Rating
    Overall Rating
    Starting from


    $2.99 + 3 months free (with the 48-month plan)

    Starting from
    Starting from
    Starting from
    Starting from


    Free plan or free trial

    30-day free trial

    Free plan or free trial

    Free plan

    Free plan or free trial

    14-day free trial

    Free plan or free trial

    Free trial

    Free plan or free trial

    Free plan

    Number of templates


    Number of templates


    Number of templates


    Number of templates


    Number of templates


    If you’re happy to pay more than Hostinger’s cheap plans, Wix is our top-rated website builder overall. With Wix, you can expect 900+ beautiful templates, impressive built-in features, and a free plan for new starters.

    And, while Hostinger is very beginner-friendly, Squarespace is the easiest website builder we’ve tested – just at a slightly higher price point than Hostinger.

    For an even steeper price, Shopify is the best ecommerce website builder on the market, offering unparalleled sales features to support growing businesses.

    But, if you’re looking for the best value for money and a quick way to get online, GoDaddy is the most cost-effective and speedy option.

    Take our four-question quiz to get a personalized recommendation to suit your website needs:

    What type of website do you want to create?

    Find Your Builder

    How We Test Website Builders

    How do we know that Hostinger is great for AI enthusiasts? How can we fairly compare it to other website builders, like Wix or Shopify? We’ve carried out over 200 hours of data collection and analysis to create our 2024 rankings.

    Our research process encompasses six core categories:

    Website Features – 30%

    • We look at the quality and quantity of website features available to users, such as SEO.

    Design Functionality – 25%

    • This category covers template options and aesthetic capabilities.

    User Experience – 17%

    • We test every builder we recommend to determine how easy it is to use.

    Help and Support – 10%

    • Reviewing a website builder’s support channels and responsiveness.

    Value for Money – 10%

    • We take a look at pricing plans, free trials/plans, and the features locked behind paywalls.

    Customer Score – 8%

    • This category examines how a website builder performs across the market and against its competitors.

    Each category is given a unique weighting, relative to what’s more important for website owners. For example, features, design options, and ease of use are critical when building a website.

    We then award a rating out of five for a builder’s performance in each category – when combined, this is their overall score. After testing 16 website builders in total, Hostinger has an overall score of 4.2 out of 5.

    Hostinger Website Builder Review: Is It Right For You?

    If you’re after a simple website builder that prioritizes the user experience and offers affordable plans, then Hostinger could be a good fit.

    Overall, I found it easy to set up and design my website with Hostinger. Its drag-and-drop editor is straightforward to learn, and the design options are basic enough to manipulate without sacrificing aesthetics.

    That said, Hostinger does have its drawbacks, namely its limited features, lack of scalability, and absence of an app store. Because of this, I wouldn’t recommend it for growing online stores. But, for the budget-conscious and beginner builders, Hostinger is a great starting point.


    Zyro was merged into Hostinger a year ago, resulting in Hostinger’s website builder. Tools and features were absorbed, such as Zyro’s drag-and-drop editor, but Hostinger has made improvements and added new functionality. As a result, Hostinger is the better website builder – especially since Zyro no longer exists.
    Overall, Wix is the better website builder, but the right choice for you depends on your specific website needs.

    If you’re looking for a budget-friendly and simple-to-use editor, then Hostinger would be a good choice, especially if you’re only looking to build a simple website. However, Wix is our top-rated website builder for 2024, offering the best website features and over 900 high-quality templates. Plus, its drag-and-drop editor gives you complete creative control over the design of your site. We recommend opting for Wix over Hostinger for larger projects and online stores.

    Written by:
    emma ryan author bio
    Emma’s been a Senior Writer at Website Builder Expert since 2022, having first-hand experience with website builders, such as Wix and Shopify, through hands-on testing and research analysis. Her work and expertise have been featured in Digiday, TechRound, Industry Today, and Digital Information World. Specializing in writing about website builders, ecommerce platforms, and hosting providers, Emma stays in the loop of industry updates by attending conferences such as eCommerce Expo and managing Website Builder Expert’s news articles.
    Researched by:
    I love to understand human behavior and the cognitive biases that drive us to do what we do. For over nine years I have worked as a mixed method researcher – research using a mix of numerical data and personal experiences – across a range of sectors, from insurance and policy development to finally arriving at Website Builder Expert five years ago. Fascinated by consumer decision-making, I meticulously built our leading ranking methodology to explore where providers like Wix sit within a competitive industry and what value they truly bring to our audience.
    As a member of the Market Research Society, I’m an advocate for high ethical, commercial, and methodological best practices. All of this combines to give you the most ethical recommendations based on real data.

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