How Revelation Organizing Uses Wix To Monetize a Passion

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Reba Bassett turned her passion for organizing into a full-time business with the help of Wix, our top-rated website builder. As a professional organizer, Reba offers residential organizing and move management services to clients in Austin, TX.

We spoke with Reba about how she transformed and monetized her passion into a successful business, the benefits of having a website, and what’s next for Revelation Organizing.

“My website is invaluable – it’s how people find me, how they learn about who I am and the services I provide, and it hopefully helps them feel more hope for getting their home organized.”

Homepage for Revelation Organizing's website sharing the business services
Revelation Organizing keeps it bright and inviting on the homepage.

Going Full Time

“I’m the owner of Revelation Organizing, a professional organizing company based in Austin, TX, that helps our clients discover a calm and peaceful space inside their homes. We work with clients on all kinds of residential projects, move management logistics, and coaching.

I have always been an organized person, but it wasn’t until I saw my first episode of Hoarders that I realized it could be a profession! I always had the idea in the back of my mind, even as I got my Master’s and began work in healthcare as a Clinical Exercise Physiologist. As I began to grow my family, I realized that healthcare wasn’t a supportive environment to work in, and the idea of becoming a professional organizer came to the forefront.

I went part-time at my healthcare job as I started to launch my business, and after a year of working part-time as an organizer, I left healthcare in 2022 and went full-time with my business!”

Sharing Wisdom

“I have a passion for individuals who feel like traditional organizing methods have never worked for them and are desperate for a change. I love listening to and working alongside my clients and their personalities to teach them how their brain processes organizing tasks, and how to keep the system up when I’m not there.

My clients are letting me into their homes, and oftentimes into some pretty intimate and vulnerable places, both physically and emotionally.

I make sure to make space for them, listen intently, and ask lots of questions. I also treat them how I would want to be treated, both in person and in follow-up communication.

Most of my clients are project-based, but occasionally I’ll have a long-term client. As I get to know those clients more, I’m able to serve them in unique ways, like bringing a bouquet of flowers on move-in day to make the house seem more homey, or asking if they need coffee before heading over to their home.

The best part about my daily work is my clients! I love listening to their needs, developing plans, giving direction, and working alongside them to show them that there is hope for their home. I absolutely love seeing the delight and relief on their faces after an organizing session.”

Services page on Revelation Organizing website
Revelation Organizing displays its services on a unique page for easy access.

More Information

The Evolution of a Business Owner

“In working with people and having a flexible schedule, I’ve definitely learned about setting boundaries with clients – and also with myself. I’ve delved into various niches in the organizing market and learned which clients I love working with who give me joy, and those that drain my resources. I’ve also found a lot of satisfaction in creating printables and tools for my clients to use in their daily lives.

When I first started my business, the biggest challenge was giving myself time to rest after working in healthcare for 12 years. I gave myself permission to take it a day at a time and work on launching when I had the energy to. After about four months, I was ready! I think that time was crucial to not run straight into another endeavor without processing and healing first.

I work for myself and occasionally use subcontractors for larger jobs, but my goal isn’t to make money. I started my business because I needed something more sustainable and built on a passion of mine… something that would give me the flexibility to live life and be involved in serving others. I do love the money and can say I’m doing well, but the best success is just being able to work for myself.”

Building a Network

“As an entrepreneur and extrovert, I love being part of organizations that help me grow in my business, but also put me in proximity to others who are in a similar place. I love meeting new people, serving, and volunteering, and I think it shows professionalism and dedication to the industry to be involved in those endeavors.”

Line of certificates and achievement logos listed on Revelation Organizing
We love how Reba boosts the professionalism of the business by showcasing these certificates and achievements.

Finding Genuine Connections

“I use social media as “proof of life” for my prospective clients since I don’t gain clients from using social media directly. When I have a client visit my website or Instagram page, they can see a variety of things: my personality, my education style, and my organizing skills. I use Instagram primarily – and Facebook a little bit – but I mostly focus on one platform to keep things simple.”

More Information

Happy Clients

“I worked with a client who had ADHD and some OCD tendencies, and it was an absolute joy to help her see through her neurodivergence and into hope. She was so nervous to have me in her home, but as we worked together and I taught her strategies to help her make decisions, she began to thrive. We developed several physical tools, like a flowchart and systems that worked for her uniquely. It was so satisfying each session to see the relief on her face!”

Building With Wix

I created a website in order to establish myself in the industry and serve as information to prospective clients. It was the first thing I signed up for when preparing to launch my business!

I chose Wix based on recommendations from other professional organizers in my field. I did look at a few others, but ultimately decided on Wix based on their pricing, amenities, support, and flexibility with add-ons like Wix Store and blogging.

At this time, I’m not interested in scaling yet, but when I do, I’m not sure that I’ll move since I love Wix so much.

Using a website builder has made the experience of setting up a website that much easier.

I love that I can make edits on my own and don’t need to pay a developer each time I need to add or subtract something from my site.”

The Benefits of a Website

My website is invaluable – it’s how people find me, how they learn about who I am and the services I provide, and it hopefully helps them feel more hope for getting their home organized. It’s my landing spot for anyone who says “ooohhh” when I tell them I’m a professional organizer. It gives them the practical info they need to take that next step!

I love educating my clients, and I also love writing – so adding a blog was a no-brainer for me. I typically write one to two blogs per month, with no specific strategy or topic series. I take a lot of writing prompts from journalist article requests and find that they’re great ways to get my organizing juices flowing.”

More Information

Organize Your Thoughts

“Definitely know your “why” before you begin because you’ll come back to it time and time again when you need to make a decision or you’re having trouble with your business. Your “why” will keep you moving forward and help set boundaries to set you up for success.

And, it’s okay to make mistakes – you don’t have to do it right the first time! I was so scared of choosing one app or process that I would later discard it, but now I know that businesses and people evolve, and that’s okay.

Also, get a crew of people around you for support! This might be a networking group or an industry-specific association, but get your people around you! They are invaluable as colleagues and friends.”

Next Steps

“I’m excited to dive into working with more neurodivergent clients as I feel like they’ve been left out of the organizing world. And I would love to write a book or add a course to my website, something that can help those who need it to feel less shame and more empowerment about their home.”

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