6 Best Print on Demand Yoga Pants

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Whether you’re looking to step into the world of ecommerce or want to add a new product to your growing online store, yoga pants are one of the hottest items right now. Athleisure wear is in high demand, and people are looking for comfort in their clothing nowadays.

Yoga pants might seem like they’re for a niche market, but they have broad appeal and wide use — from child pose to picking up the groceries, to chilling on the couch. Great for everyday wear as well as exercise, they’re a staple in most women’s wardrobes.

So, we’re here to help you find the best print on demand yoga pants out there and set you on the path of selling. Not sure what print on demand is? Learn about it here.

What is Print on Demand?

It’s in the name! To put it simply, products are printed once an order has been made. These providers take away the stress of inventory management, shipping, and delivery, which allows you to focus on running your business and making sales.

Connect your store with your chosen printing partner, and let them handle the order fulfillment. It’s a low-risk and low-waste path, and it can be a worthwhile venture for both beginner and experienced online store owners. Simply design, sell, and let them handle the rest — selling print on demand products is easy!

Yoga Pants vs Leggings

Let’s settle the debate. What’s the difference between yoga pants and leggings? Ultimately, it comes down to the fit and material. Yoga pants tend to have a higher waistline and a compression-effect fit, whereas leggings have a more relaxed feel.

Both styles are usually made with a mix of polyester and spandex, but yoga pants will have a higher percentage of spandex (or Lycra in higher end products) to keep the product stretchy.

Yoga pants are a great product to sell due to their versatility and durability in comparison to regular leggings — they can be worn for exercise, but also comfort. You’re less likely to wear them out quickly, and thanks to the more flattering fit of yoga pants, customers are usually drawn to the style over leggings.

Print on Demand Yoga Pants: Considerations

There’s a lot to consider when preparing to sell print on demand yoga leggings. You need to find the right supplier to suit your business needs, and you need to think about what your customers are looking to buy. Narrow down the style of yoga pants you want to sell, from the length to the finish of the material, and see which suppliers can offer that.

Next, take a look at the finer details of the suppliers you’re considering, and their reputation amongst online stores. Weigh up their product and shipping costs, delivery speed, sizing options, dropshipping capability, and quality.

Do they offer customization? Can you integrate your store easily? These are all essential steps to help you get your business off the ground.

Advice from the Experts

Top Tip: Make sure to include a helpful size chart in the product description so your customers can purchase the right fit. Exchanging sizes or returning items via a print on demand supplier can get a little tricky, so try to provide as much information to customers as possible.

Yoga Pant Designs

Before you can start selling print on demand yoga pants, you need to create your designs. Take inspiration from the latest fashion and popular aesthetics — see where your creativity takes you. Perhaps an animal print, floral design, or geometric graphic. Even designer brands and celebrities have jumped on the athleisure trend! Just look at Stella McCartney’s collaboration with Adidas.

Yoga pants are a high-quality item, and so they have a high perceived value. You need to make sure your designs match up to the price you’re selling them for. By themselves, yoga pants are a great product to sell, but you could also pair them with other similar products such as sports bras and water bottles. Try to create eye-catching, uniform designs that work well across a range of items.

Advice from the Experts

Top Tip: Stay away from dark blocks of color if you can. The printing process for yoga pants use a base of white fabric so, when stretched, you might see white peeking through the design. Keep the dark colors limited, or use lighter tones for large blocks of print.

6 Best Print on Demand Yoga Pants


The luxury high-waisted yoga pants from Apliiq are some of the best print on demand leggings on the market. Built with moisture-wicking and antimicrobial materials, the breathable and long-lasting finish makes them ideal for exercise. Apliiq offers six sizes from XS to XXL, and the sculpting properties of the yoga pants are sure to be flattering on everybody.

Depending on the printing style — either screen or digital — the price for the yoga pants varies from $45 to $100+. There are also additional options to add brand personalization for a small fee, from branded labels to embroidered patches.


Printify is one of the biggest print on demand companies out there, so it’s no surprise its large product catalog includes yoga leggings. Featuring the signature high waist and compressed fit, Printify’s yoga pants cater to a range of customers with six different sizes to choose from.

However, they’re made with 100% polyester so they’re not as stretchy as the other options on this list. In terms of pricing, the yoga pants start from $32, but you can get a sizable discount if you have a Printify Premium subscription.


Gooten offers all-over print on demand leggings in two different fabric styles: brushed suede and a glossy finish. They’re both crafted with a mix of 95% polyester and 5% spandex, featuring antimicrobial qualities and an elastic waist for comfort.

Similar to other providers, Gooten’s leggings come in six different sizes up to 2XL, and there are a host of other products in Gooten’s catalog that pair well like yoga mats. And though there’s no difference in quality beyond the fabric finish, the brushed suede leggings are a little cheaper under $30, whereas the glossy finish style starts at $40.


Printful is one of the most well-known print on demand suppliers out there. Within its catalog of over 300 products, Printful offers three different styles of all-over print yoga pants — full length, capri, and yoga shorts. A style for every customer, and sizes to fit all. Printful’s leggings come in five sizes from XS to XL, but there are also plus-size options from 2XL to 6XL.

They have a stretchy and durable material, with 18% spandex in the polyester mix, and the full-length leggings start at prices just under $30. In addition to customizing the design, you can also add a built-in inner pocket, or even stamp a custom logo to the inner waistband.


CustomCat’s all-over print leggings — though not labelled as yoga wear — boast one of the highest percentages of spandex in the material. The mix of 80% polyester and 20% spandex allows the yoga pants to stretch and remain durable for long-lasting wear.

Like most yoga pants, CustomCat’s include an elastic waistband for comfort and a slimming fit. Sizes run from XS to 2XL like most print on demand providers, and pricing for the yoga leggings starts at $24.


KinCustom’s unique selling point is that its products are made with ethically sourced materials, and shipped with recycled packaging. Its yoga pants, with an 80% polyester and 20% spandex mix, are built for enhanced movement and could be sold alongside a range of companion products such as bike shorts and sports bras.

The yoga pants start at $23.50, but there are discounts available for bulk orders. As with many other providers, you can include personalized brand labels, tags, and packing slips for a small additional fee. And smooth integration with ecommerce sites like Etsy, Shopify, BigCommerce, and Squarespace, make selling easy.

Advice from the Experts

Top Tip: Lots of print on demand suppliers offer a free mockup generator, so make sure you take a look at the placement of your designs to see if they work well on yoga pants.


Yoga pants are a reliable and versatile product to add to your online store. Not only are they a trendy wardrobe staple, but they accommodate many uses, from exercise to loungewear.

Print on demand suppliers offer a range of fits and finishes, from yoga shorts to capri style, and there are several sportswear products, such as yoga mats and tank tops, that you can design to sell alongside.

So, create your designs, look through our six suggested providers, and find the best print on demand yoga pants for your customers.


The biggest hurdle when designing leggings is making sure you find the right placement on the product for a high quality and precise finish. Pattern designs that don’t require an exact placement match are more straightforward. Ideally, use a mockup generator to help visualize the design or order a sample to check it over.

Yoga pants are more durable than their regular leggings counterpart due to the high percentage of spandex or Lycra used in the material mix. This gives them a lot of stretch so you can wear them for longer.
Yoga pants are on the high end of print on demand products, with the average cost of around $30 plus shipping. Established brands such as Nike and Adidas can sell their leggings at around $100, but we’d recommend a good middle ground. Yoga pants are a high-value, high-quality item so somewhere around $60 is reasonable.
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