14 Best BigCommerce Themes and Templates

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BigCommerce is an ecommerce powerhouse that’s perfect for growing your business. The first step to creating a successful store on BigCommerce is to choose the right theme – there are 240 themes in total, most of which have up to four styling options. There are 12 free themes to choose from – the rest cost between $150 to $300 each.

One of the great things about BigCommerce’s themes is that they’re all tailored to ecommerce, and cater to a wide range of industries. From animals and pets to toys and games, there really is a template here for everyone!

Our mission is to make it easy for you to find the best BigCommerce theme for you. We’ve shortlisted the best themes for the most popular industries, with plenty of images to help you decide. Let’s get started!

Fashion & Jewelry

#1. Vault Bright: Free

3 Styles: Bright, Cool, Natural

The Vault Bright theme is the best free fashion theme – it looks good and is easy to navigate, putting your products front and center. It mixes up full width images with sliding product galleries, creating a dynamic homepage to engage customers. We love the sticky navigation bar and clean, structured layout.

No matter which style you choose, the Vault theme includes:

  • Expandable “mega menu” ideal for large inventories
  • Search feature
  • Product filtering
  • Cart suggested products
  • Quick View
  • Product videos
  • Saved payment methods

#2. Chiara Fashion: $195

4 Styles: Fashion, Furniture, Sport, Toys

There are four different styles for the Chiara template – we recommend Chiara Fashion above the others because of how diverse and fresh its design is. Still, the rest of these styles are worth checking out if they fit your niche – the Sport version is particularly eye-catching. The Chiara Fashion template is vibrant, fun, and really helps your products shine – especially if you have multiple categories!

This theme is packed with useful features. Our favorites include:

  • Interactive category grids
  • Quick-look product previews and add to cart options
  • “Frequently bought together” product recommendations
  • Blog
  • Instagram feed
  • Newsletter sign-up form
  • Product page sidebar – promotional banner and “new products” feature

#3. Luna Warm: $300

4 Styles: Warm, Light, Dark, Bright

Luna Warm is an excellent choice for retail stores, and can be easily customized to suit any store within the fashion and jewelry industry. The bright pops of color grab attention, and numerous image grids keep the pages fresh and engaging. Hover effects and polaroid-style product grids add an extra level of sophistication.

The notable features in this BigCommerce template include:

  • Sale promotion in expandable menu
  • Search feature
  • Colorful calls to action
  • Side menu featuring category links
  • Quick View product feature
  • Hover effects on images
  • Customer testimonials
  • Engaging, interactive blog posts

Health and Beauty

#1. Artify Beauty: $150

4 Styles: Jewelry, Electronics, Default, Beauty 

BigCommerce doesn’t have any free templates in its Health and Beauty library, but the Artify Beauty template is a great budget option – at $150, it’s one of the cheapest available. Don’t let its minimalistic appearance fool you, either – it’s packed with helpful features. This template draws attention to pricing labels, calls to action, and product photos, bringing a laser-level focus to the customer journey!

This BigCommerce template’s standout features include:

  • Side-by-side product comparison
  • Price slashing to showcase discounts and deals
  • Top Navigation bar for easy search between 100’s of products
  • Pricing labels on products
  • Blog
  • Shipping and returns policy

#2. Portobello Rise: $235

4 Styles: Rise, Apex, Crest, Camber

BigCommerce’s Portobello Rise template is perfect for stores with a small product range – in fact, it was specially designed for stores with small catalogs! It’s a quirky, creative theme that favors high quality product photos. Pastel backgrounds and neat section dividers add to the playful feel this template exudes.

The standout features in this BigCommerce template include:

  • Quick “Add to Cart” feature
  • Hover over products for Quick View or Wishlist options
  • Customer logins
  • Blog
  • Product comparison
  • Sticky top menu with basket
  • Search feature

#3. Solar Hemp: $300

4 Styles: Hemp, Beauty, Fashion, Gifts

Did you know that BigCommerce was the first full-featured ecommerce platform to support stores selling hemp and CBD products? Although it can be customized for any type of business, the Solar Hemp template deserves a special shout out. It’s a stunning design, with interactive sections, hover effects, sale labels, vibrant pops of color, and a clean, ordered product layout.

This BigCommerce template may land on the higher end of the pricing scale at $300, but it doesn’t disappoint. Solar Hemp comes packed with features for health and beauty stores – our favorites include:

  • Expandable menu with a featured products section
  • Pricing roll-over reveals links for “Add to Cart” or “Quick View”
  • Blog
  • Customer testimonials
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Back to top button
  • Product comparison
  • Related products and “Customers Also Viewed” recommendations
  • Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce


#1. Fortune Bright: Free

4 Styles: Bright, Minimal, Contrast, Highlight

The only free BigCommerce template for electronics is Fortune Bright. It comes with some interesting design features, such as a full page search feature and expandable side menu, which add a little spice to an otherwise simple template. It’s a sleek, no-nonsense design, that catches attention with its large hero banner and minimal product grids.

The features worth noting in this template include:

  • Large hero slideshow
  • Clear “Out of Stock” labels
  • Full page search feature
  • Expandable menu – when you interact with the horizontal menu, it expands into a vertical navigation
  • Newsletter signup

#2. Arcade Bold: $175

4 Styles: Bright, Bold, Natural, Light

Arcade Bold is perfect for specific brands that cater to a certain community. It’s cool and sleek aesthetic gives off a professional and focused vibe– the customers are here for one reason and price is no issue. The dark grey and white color scheme is reminiscent of tech products and editing houses, and the template is split into clean, neat sections. This is the perfect theme for showcasing high-quality product photos.

You’ll find the following features pre-built into BigCommerce’s Arcade Bold template:

  • Interactive hero area for previewing collections
  • Full-screen menu overlay
  • Stylish product grids – with emphasis on leaving customer reviews
  • Blog with hover-effect for alternating large featured images
  • Journal for building community.
  • Full-screen search overlay

Home and Garden

#1. Cornerstone Light: Free

3 Styles: Light, Bold, Warm

The Cornerstone Light theme is simple, stylish, and uncluttered – we particularly like the homepage carousel, which welcomes visitors to your site with large scrolling images. Products are surrounded by plenty of white space, making them easy to navigate, and calls to action stand out nicely against this theme’s plain background.

This BigCommerce theme comes with helpful features such as:

  • Social media integration
  • Featured and popular products
  • Faceted search (depending on your BigCommerce plan – you need the Pro plan)
  • Top navigation menu
  • Blog

#2. Chelsea Bright: $175

4 Styles: Warm, Clean, Bold, Bright

BigCommerce’s Chelsea Bright theme is ideal for boutique collections and stylish, high-ticket items – the whole design screams luxury and artistic individuality. With full-screen image slideshows and large-scale product grids, the Geneva Colorful template has a visual focus – you’ll need high quality product images to get the most out of it.

The features that we most like about the Chelsea Bright theme include:

  • Long scroll feature
  • Members and Log-In capabilities
  • Attractive product galleries
  • Related products and “Customers Also Viewed” recommendations
  • Gift Certificate purchasing
  • Expandable, full-screen product overlay

#3. Kings Road Decor: $235

4 Styles: Decor, Bespoke, Bijou, Contest

If you have a large catalog of home and garden products, Kings Road Decor is a great choice. It’s a powerful theme that’s designed to handle large inventories, and make multiple categories easy to navigate. The homepage is modern and stylish, and uses plenty of calls to action and images to grab customers’ attention.

This BigCommerce theme has features to support a large catalog. You’ll find:

  • Plenty of homepage calls to action
  • “On Sale” and “Save 25%” savings labels
  • Quick Add to Cart feature
  • Quick View
  • Wish Lists
  • Blog
  • Instagram integration
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Customizable newsletter pop-up
  • Product filters: sort by newest, best selling, price, reviews, alphabetical, and more

Gifts and Specialty

Worthy Mention!

We already showed you the Fortune Bright theme for electronics stores – well, if you want an awesome free theme for a gift shop, check out the Fortune Highlight style. It has the exact same features and layout, but its playful color palette makes it perfect for selling gift items.

#1. Scales Pop: $175

4 Styles: Pop, Chic, Modern, Minimal 

The Scales Pop template is instantly pleasing – it mixes fun with professionalism by using bright colors, sans serif fonts, large visuals, and plenty of white space. You can customize it to match your brand identity, but it’s a solid starting point for any business looking to create an eye-catching storefront.

This BigCommerce theme has a strong focus on engaging customers and driving sales, making it ideal for ambitious, growing stores. Its key features include:

  • Prominent customer reviews on product pages
  • Large featured product grids on the homepage
  • Hover-effect product information – this keeps the focus on the product photos and encourages customer interaction!
  • Blog
  • Gift certificates
  • Product filters and search

#2. Bespoke Cool: $175

4 Styles: Cool, Classic, Neon, Warm

We love the Bespoke Cool BigCommerce theme – it’s designed for stores with customizable products, which makes it perfect for gift stores! It’s intuitive, classy, and provides a smooth customer experience. It comes with nice visual touches, too, such as having a photo section in the product description.

Other features we rate in this BigCommerce template include:

  • Large hero slideshow
  • Customizable product options
  • Prominent social media icons
  • Visual-focused product pages
  • Product recommendations
  • Blog
  • Newsletter subscription

#3. Runway Warm: $150

4 Styles: Warm, Minimal, Bold, Bright

This BigCommerce template is best for stores selling bespoke or high-end products – it’s an elegant, stylish, understated design. We like the sidebar navigation, complete with social icons, and the large images used across the blog and product pages.

This is a simple template that makes an excellent first impression. Its features include:

  • A neat, sticky sidebar navigation
  • Prominent social media icons
  • A detailed contact form
  • Star ratings next to product names
  • Full width-images
  • Large blog images

Find Out More

BigCommerce Themes: Summary

We’ve highlighted the 14 best BigCommerce themes for the most popular industries – there are many more to choose from in BigCommerce’s theme library. We compiled these themes to provide you with inspiration, and to help you think about the styles and features that you’d like for your store.

Remember that each of these themes includes around four different styles, and are totally customizable – so you can personalize your template to match your unique brand. The colors and styles aren’t set in stone, so don’t be put off if you don’t like a particular palette!

We strongly recommend previewing a few themes before deciding on one. If you already have a  BigCommerce store, there’s even a handy feature where you can preview each theme with your store. This is invaluable for seeing how your products will look in a new style.

Now that you’ve seen our top picks, it’s time for you to choose your favorite BigCommerce template – come back and let us know which one you like best!

BigCommerce Themes FAQs

It’s easy to browse BigCommerce’s templates – and you don’t even need an account to preview them!

Simply head to BigCommerce’s theme library to start with. There’s a lot of themes to choose from, so to make life easier, we recommend using BigCommerce’s search filters. You can filter by industry, and by collection – such as themes with large images, or themes optimized for small catalogs. Furthermore, you can sort the results by price if you have a certain budget.

Yes! Even if you don’t yet have a BigCommerce account, you can preview any of its themes by hovering over a template and clicking “Learn More”. This takes you to an information page about the selected template. From here, you can click “View Demo” and explore a full demo site of the theme!

If you already have a BigCommerce store, we recommend using the “Preview with your store” option for a better idea of how your products will look in this new design.

Yes! As long as it’s a Stencil theme, you can purchase a BigCommerce theme from a third-party site such as Themeforest, and use it to build your storefront. However, installing and customizing a Stencil theme requires a certain level of technical knowledge, so be careful before committing to a third-party download.
Yes! As long as it’s a Stencil theme, you can purchase a BigCommerce theme from a third-party site such as Themeforest, and use it to build your storefront. However, installing and customizing a Stencil theme requires a certain level of technical knowledge, so be careful before committing to a third-party download.
You can customize your colors, fonts, layout, images, products, text, and more using BigCommerce’s Page Builder. You don’t need coding skills, either – simply use the available menus to select elements, such as images, or change design options such as colors, and add them to your store.
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