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Wix is one of the most popular website builders around, and for very good reason.

In our research, it came ahead of the rest with an overall score of 4.8 out of 5, and we rated it as the best all-around builder. This is largely down to its incredible feature set, expansive app store, and overall flexibility. No matter what kind of site you want to build, Wix has everything you need. From portfolios to blogs – and even online stores – Wix can handle it all.

If you’re considering using Wix, you’re in good company —more than 170 million people worldwide have chosen to use it to create their websites. But it can still be daunting when you enter that editor and are faced with a blank template.

Well, fear not! We’ve scoured the internet to find 15 of the very best Wix website examples, so you can get an idea of just what’s possible with Wix – and get your creative juices flowing.

1 Cuts and Bruises

Cuts & Bruises is a London-based barbershop that channels a traditional vibe with a fun, contemporary twist. Founded in 2016, its brand is built upon its quirky nostalgic character, something that has also played a large role in its Wix website design. In fact, if your business has a strong brand identity, we think Cuts & Bruises is one of the best Wix examples you can learn from. 

Cuts & Bruises has used Wix to create a bold and punchy aesthetic. Its monochromatic color scheme and stylized font choices reflect its unique brand personality, and we really like how they’ve used a one-page design to keep things simple. Clicking on the headings in the sticky menu bar at the top will redirect visitors to the relevant part of the page, so there’s no need for endless scrolling. Plus, it also features a shop, and an online booking system, too.

2 l'Appartement Parisien

L’Appartement Parisien‘s website absolutely oozes class and style, which a good thing considering design and aesthetics are its bread and butter! Founded in 2005, this French studio works with brands to curate beautiful packaging and interiors.

One thing that’s so great about this Wix website example is how it uses color. It features a mostly white background, but small pops of color are inserted in such a way that leads your eye cleverly down the page. Its grid-like portfolio pages use scrolling galleries and high-resolution images to show off L’Appartment Parisien’s previous work, with each image expanding to full size when clicked on.

This Wix website is a true masterclass for anyone looking to emulate a contemporary, clean, and stylish aesthetic.

3 Mane

An Australian salon business, Mane is all about ethical hairdressing. It promotes a low-tox environment, and endeavours only to use products that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Mane also has a passion for supporting local businesses, and promoting family-friendly values.

Mane’s ethos is very evident in its pared-back, stylish website. Its white background allows the salon’s high-resolution images to pop off the page, showcasing the high standard of hairdressing on offer. We particularly love how Mane’s Wix-created website is more than just a ‘pretty face’, and plays an intrinsic part in the business’s day-to-day running. Prospective clients can find an up-to-date price list and an online booking system with just a few clicks.

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4 TerraLiving

If you’re a fan of monochrome color palettes and strong clean lines, we think you’re going to like this next Wix website. TerraLiving is a brand that explores the sculptural forms of terrariums, creating mini-ecosystems within geometric glass cases. These structures are just as much about the vessel as the living things within, and TerraLiving prides itself on its ability to create these living art pieces.

The website is very reminiscent of the terrariums themselves, consisting of clearly defined blocks, and a contrasting color palette that gives the whole site a very dramatic feel. As you scroll, the sections fade in and out like the fog wreathing the glass cases in the high-resolution product photos. The website is also directly linked to TerraLiving’s Etsy store, while an additional blog makes for engaging reading.

5 The Sofia Log

The Sofia Log is a blog that charts the adventures of Sophie Hollingsworth. She combines her passion for travel, food, and the great outdoors as she records and shares her stories. She’s been featured by both National Geographic and the United Nations, and – when not exploring – she works as a sustainability consultant in Sydney.

The Sofia Log’s bright and colorful homepage reflects the adventurous energy that prompted its founder to begin it in the first place. Quirky illustrations of everything from a parrot to a 4×4 demonstrate the fun and playful tone of the website, building a brand within the first few seconds of landing on the homepage. We love the self-deprecating tone that goes alongside the newsletter pop-up, and the interactive map is a unique navigation tool that’s bound to keep readers hooked.

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6 Sonja van Dülmen

Considering that Sonja van Dülmen offers creative and artistic services, it’s no surprise that the brand’s website is all about visuals and images. Specializing in everything from art direction and brand design to set design and interior consulting, this studio has a real passion for all things creative. If its many examples of previous work don’t prove that, then the vibrancy of its own website surely will!

It really is a feast for the eyes. Moving pictures sit alongside static images, giving the whole website a unique dynamism. The homepage itself is split into rows, with each section showcasing one of the studio’s five art services. Users can view examples of previous work, and the grid layout of each row makes it easy to flick through the different parts of the portfolio. A blog also allows users to see what the studio has been up to most recently, and gives an insight into the overall creative process.

7 Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss is one of the most well-known American supermodels on the planet, but that’s not all she’s known for. In addition to her modeling career, Kloss is also a respected entrepreneur and philanthropist, who has most recently developed a passion for technology and coding. She uses her Wix website to connect her fans with all elements of her life.

Karlie’s website has a clean, minimalist design that suits her professional background. The homepage centers around a clever feature that makes it seem as though the different components are emerging from behind a white blocky overlay. Overall, it gives the site a very slick, polished feel.

A non-intrusive pop-up canvases for email subscribers, and an integrated social feed forms strong ties with Kloss’s Instagram account. This website strikes a lovely balance between images and text so that users feel informed, but not overwhelmed.

8 Linda Franzosi

Linda Franzosi is a storytelling and design strategist. She helps brands develop their narratives, as well as offering content strategy, content management, visual communication, and graphic design. She’s worked with big names such as Disney, Silhouette, and Regione Lombardia.

Linda’s website has very strong branding, which is key considering the line of work that she’s in. We love how central she is to her brand, and she makes sure that her presence is felt across all pages. She states her interests and qualifications in a concise ‘About’ section, before moving smoothly on to the services she offers, complete with examples of her work. Her site features a handy chatbox, too, in case you want to contact her directly!

Linda has also added a shop to her website, which sells a small number of custom products. We particularly like this, as it demonstrates the way she’s constantly pushing and developing her website to work harder for her business.

9 Puddin'

Toyin Alli started Puddin’ in 2010 when she became a street food vendor in the Eastern Market on Capitol Hill. She specializes in southern comfort food favorites, and sells her food in local markets and food trucks. She also provides independent catering for events and bookings.

Puddin’ has everything a food website could possibly want: online ordering, bespoke orders for events, a menu, and a link out to Uber Eats. It even has a vacancy page where aspiring Puddin’ enthusiasts can apply to join Toyin’s team!

We really like the use of the large dynamic slideshow header at the top of the page. It allows Puddin’ to show off its mouthwatering dishes, as well as the team that works so hard to make it a success. Puddin’ also has a number of contact forms across the website, so there are plenty of ways for you to get in touch!

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10 Max Montgomery

Max Montgomery is a British photographer who lives and works in New York. Photography very much runs in the family, but Max has found his own striking style, and has since photographed a number of well-known faces, including Camila Cabello, Heidi Klum, Snoop Dogg, Lizzo, and Willem Dafoe.

Max’s website has very little text on it. In fact, outside of the small menu at the top, every inch is taken up by his arresting photographs. Each of these can be expanded to full screen, so viewers can get up close and personal with them.

We also like that Max’s Wix website offers the option to scroll through all of his work in full-screen mode, rather than having to minimize each one before moving on to the next. Hi contact page contains only his email address, and his ‘Diary’ is unlike any other blog, being composed entirely of images. Overall, it makes for a very striking and immersive browsing experience!

11 Brown Owl Creative

In its own words, Brown Owl Creative is a ‘multidisciplinary design company’ that has a particular focus on branding, design, and web development. It works with businesses of every size and shape to help them achieve their brand goals. Its list of clients is extensive, and you can view samples of the company’s work on its Wix-crafted website.

Brown Owl Creative has some big, bold branding and it uses this to excellent effect on its site. Set in a tile layout, gifs and videos sit alongside static images and give a snapshot of what’s possible with this studio. Similar to other creative websites in this list, Brown Owl Creative hasn’t included much text on its pages, instead letting its visuals do all of the talking. We particularly like how the navigation menu is hidden away at the side, so it doesn’t detract attention from all the exciting work on offer.

12 Poke Bowlz

Poke Bowlz is a healthy fast-food business located in Southern California. Its food has its roots in Hawaiian and Japanese dishes, and is a unique twist on a popular favorite. It’s committed to delivering food that is fast, fresh, and healthy.

When it comes to food, images are key, so Poke Bowlz makes the most of the space it has by filling them with tons of drool-worthy pictures of the delicious bowlz. In the sections where there aren’t any photos, you’ll instead find glowing reviews from its loyal customers.

This Wix website also features differing menu pages depending on your location, as well as giving you the option to order online. The sticky side navigation menu travels with you as you scroll, so it’s there whenever your stomach gets the better of you! You’ll also find a chat box in the lower right corner, just in case you’ve got a burning question to ask before you order.

13 Animal

Animal creates music and sound design for big brands and businesses. It describes itself as a collective of artists and musicians, who live by creativity, new concepts, and original content. Animal’s impressive array of clients includes Toyota, Pepsi, Macdonalds, and even Wix themselves.

This is another website that doesn’t use a lot of text and instead relies on images. The video header adds a contemporary flavor, but – thanks to the grainy quality of the recordings – still retain a lovely homemade, vintage feel.

Animal’s impressive portfolio is displayed in a grid further down the homepage, and – when clicked – each tile opens up into a video, without you needing to leave the page. Animal also sells merchandise, but this is an understated addition to the brand — there aren’t any product pages, just a pop-up asking for your size. We love how different this is from other brands!

14 Tobias Becs

Tobias Becs is a freestyle football champion, and the founder of 4Freestyle, a freestyle and street football lifestyle brand. He travels the world promoting the sport, as well as creating award-winning content and working with brands such as Renault.

Confined mostly to a single page, Tobias’s website pulls you in immediately thanks to his hi-resolution image header. This also helps to position his brand at the center of his site — it’s impossible to ignore the connection between Tobias and football!

We really like the darker color scheme, which cleverly offsets the white text. Although there aren’t many written sections, those that are there pop off the page. We’re also fans of the way Tobias’s blog is full of vlogs, rather than traditional written posts. It makes for very easy viewing!

15 Rafael Verona

Rafael Verona is a Peruvian illustrator, animator, and art director, who splits his time between Berlin and Rotterdam. He’s worked with a huge roster of well-known brands, including Disney, Intel, Adobe, Porsche, Snapchat, and Bacardi – to name but a few!

Rafael’s entire website is very fun and playful — just like his illustrations! The animated banner at the top of his homepage is an excellent way for him to showcase some of his best work, and visitors can scroll down to see more examples of his art.

There isn’t a lot of text, with much of the space dedicated to images. Users can click on the thumbnail images to be taken to a dedicated project page that offers some context behind the work and the client it was created for. We like how the white background and tiled layout give a very polished finish, making it reminiscent of a social media feed.

16 15 Best Wix Website Examples: Summary

And there you have it — our 15 favorite Wix website examples! We’ve covered everything from food trucks to terrariums and high-fashion photography, but one thing is for certain: each of these websites demonstrates the near-unlimited creative potential you can enjoy when you build your website with Wix.

We hope you enjoyed looking through them, and are now feeling inspired to set off on your own website designing adventure!

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