Best Squarespace Plugins | 15 Expert Picks

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In testing, we found that Squarespace has an impressive number of built-in features, from blogging to bookings. But what if you want to add even more functionality to your Squarespace website?

Well, that’s where Squarespace plugins come in. There are around 30 third-party integrations in the Squarespace Extensions store – you’ll find plugins to streamline shipping, enhance your email marketing, organize your bookkeeping, and more.

In this article, we list the 15 best Squarespace plugins to help you find the best features for your site!

Wait, are extensions the same as plugins? 

Yes – a Squarespace extension is the same as a plugin or app. This is simply a third-party tool to enhance your site by connecting it to third-party services.

We’ll call them Squarespace plugins throughout this article, as it’s the term people are most familiar with. But on Squarespace’s website, you’ll find them called extensions.

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#1. Delighted: $0+ per month

Best Plugin for Automating Customer Feedback Surveys

delighted squarespace plugin
The free Delightful plugin uses automation to make sending surveys and analyzing customer feedback a breeze.

Delighted is a Squarespace plugin designed to make gathering customer feedback as easy as possible. With this integration, you can trigger surveys after a customer has purchased from your site, either immediately or after a set amount of time.

You can customize your feedback surveys to create consistent branding across all stages of the user journey. Delighted also makes analyzing your customer feedback easier – its AI (Artificial Intelligence) tool automatically pulls out themes for you to focus on, to save you combing through each and every response in detail yourself.

Pricing starts at $0 per month, meaning you can start using this awesome integration for free!

#2. Printful: Free

Best Plugin for Printing Services

printful squarespace plugin
If you’ve ever looked into selling t-shirts or printed products online, you’ll have heard of Printful – it’s a huge name in the print-on-demand world!

With this free Printful plugin you can create your products, sync them with Printful, and sit back while Prinftul handles fulfillment and shipping. You can sell print and embroidery products without worrying about inventory, storage, or delivery, so it’s a low-risk way of fulfilling your orders.

This Squarespace plugin is totally free – you only pay Printful when you make a sale. Printful charges shipping fees, and might charge tax depending on where the customer is located. However, the app itself is free to install and use!

#3. Mailchimp for Commerce: Free

Best Plugin for Email Marketing

mailchimp squarespace plugin
Mailchimp is a popular marketing platform that’s particularly good for ecommerce businesses.

Mailchimp is a powerful email marketing platform that’s best for ecommerce businesses based on our research findings. This Squarespace plugin lets you access Mailchimp’s marketing platform, meaning you can automatically sync your customers to Mailchimp, as well as create email campaigns, configure automations, and much more!

Squarespace’s Mailchimp plugin is totally free to install and use – Mailchimp’s free plan supports up to 2,000 contacts.

#4. QuickBooks: $0-$35 per month

Best Plugins for Accounting

quickbooks commerce squarespace plugin
Staying on top of your accounting can be a time consuming endeavor, which is why the QuickBooks plugin is so helpful.

There are two different QuickBooks plugins in the Squarespace Extensions library. While both offer automated accounting, each caters for different needs, so you can choose which one works best for you:

  • QuickBooks Connector: $0 – Connects your store’s sales and data to your QuickBooks Online account. This is designed for merchants who only sell through their Squarespace store.
  • QuickBooks Commerce: $35/month – Provides tools to help with inventory and order management. It also connects multiple platforms to your QuickBooks Online account to help you centralize and automate your accounting.

If you’re unsure, we recommend starting with the QuickBooks Connector plugin, as it’s free and super handy for automating your accounting. If you find you require more advanced tools, or need to manage multiple channels, then it’s worth checking out QuickBooks Commerce.

#5. Returns Center by Aftership: $0+ per month

Best Plugin for Returns Management

returns center squarespace plugin
Customers want returns to be frictionless, easy, and smooth – and as a store owner, so do you! The Returns Center plugin makes return management easy.

Providing a smooth returns process is crucial for keeping customers happy and delivering a great customer experience. Consumers returned $428 billion worth of products in 2020, which equates to just over 10% of total retail sales. That’s why the Returns Center plugin makes our list of the best Squarespace plugins – it’s designed to make your returns management as stress-free as possible.

This plugin gives you a branded returns page where customers can submit their return in a few clicks – they can print labels and receive automatic status updates, while you get to view all return requests in one place.

The Returns Center plugin starts at $0 per month, although this only allows for three returns per month. You can upgrade to unlock more generous features, but it’s still good to have the chance to start out for free!

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#6. TaxJar: $0+ per month

Best Plugin for Tax Calculations

taxjar squarespace plugin
The TaxJar plugin is a free tool to help you calculate your sales tax, so you don’t have to manage it alone.

Do taxes keep you up at night? If so, you might need this TaxJar plugin, which handles tax calculations for your Squarespace store. This is especially useful if your business runs across different states, as TaxJar lets you collect in all the places you have nexus. It also helps with reporting and filing – we like this plugin because it works to make a time consuming part of running a store much more efficient!

The TaxJar app starts from $0 per month because TaxJar comes with a 30-day free trial. Its cheapest plan costs $19 per month, but if you upgrade to TaxJar Professional for $99 per month you unlock end-to-end sales tax automation.

#7. Smart SEO: Free

Best Plugin for Optimizing Products for SEO

smart seo squarespace plugin
Adding metadata for all your products can be time consuming, but not with this Smart SEO plugin, which automates meta tags and alt text for new products!

Optimizing products for SEO can be a lot of effort, especially if you have a large inventory to manage. As well as using it to bulk edit product metadata, the Smart SEO plugin lets you set automation rules to generate meta tags and alt text for new products. It sounds small, but it’s a big time saver!

The Smart SEO app is designed specifically for Squarespace, and is totally free!

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#8. ShipStation: $9+ per month

Best Plugin for Shipping and Fulfillment

shipstation squarespace plugin
ShipStation is a powerful shipping platform designed to make shipping and fulfillment easier for you.

ShipStation is a hugely popular shipping solution, and now you can sync it directly with your Squarespace store using this plugin. ShipStation comes packed with features – including integration with over 160 marketplaces, channels, carriers, and fulfillment providers – but the main aim is to help you manage your orders and shipments. You can import and manage orders from your selling channels, get low rates, and harness automation to streamline your shipping.

The ShipStation plugin costs $9 per month, which is an affordable starting price considering how much time this integration could save you!

#9. Outfy: $0+ per month

Best Plugin for Social Media Marketing

outfy squarespace plugin
Outfy is a free plugin that lets you create cool graphics, GIFs, videos, and more to share on your social channels.

Do you ever wish you could spice up your site’s social media presence? Well, now you can with Squarespace’s Outfy integration. This plugin helps you save time and stay consistent by automating your posts – simply set your store to ‘Autopilot’ and it’ll share your posts for you!

On top of that, you can easily create and share product collages, animated GIFs, videos, and more to boost engagement with your brand and Squarespace store.

The Outfy plugin starts at $0 per month with its Free Forever plan, which allows two automated posts per day on up to two social networks (excluding Twitter and YouTube). If you want more freedom you can upgrade to the $15 per month Starter plan or above.

#10. Spocket: $24.99+ per month

Best Plugin for Dropshipping

spocket squarespace plugin
Sourcing high quality products is one of the most important parts of dropshipping, and Spocket gives you thousands of suppliers at your fingertips!

The Spocket plugin lets you add dropshipping products from suppliers directly to your store. Dropshipping is a handy business model because you don’t need to worry about storing or shipping your products.

The Spocket plugin comes with thousands of pre-vetted suppliers from the US and EU, plus real-time inventory updates and 24/7 support. This gives you confidence and control, so that you can focus less time on finding suppliers, and more on running your store!

The Spocket plugin costs $24.99 per month.

#11. GoDataFeed: $39+ per month

Best Plugin to Standardize Multi-Channel Product Feeds

godatafeed squarespace plugin
If you’re selling across multiple channels, GoDataFeed makes sure all your product feeds are standardized for a consistent shopping experience.

The GoDataFeed plugin helps you generate standardized product feeds for different channels, such as Facebook and Amazon. This is useful because creating a consistent brand helps customers recognize and trust your business, and makes sure your products always look their best!

The plugin uses your Squarespace catalog to automatically create your product feeds for hundreds of different channels, meaning you can easily optimize your listings.

You can use GoDataFeed for $39 per month.

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#12. EZ Texting: $19+ per month

Best Plugin for SMS Communication

ez texting squarespace plugin
This Squarespace plugin gives you the tools to easily send text notifications and promotions directly to your customers.

Did you know that SMS has a 98% open rate compared to email marketing? The EZ Texting plugin helps you connect with your customers via their phones. You can set up automated texts for order and shipping confirmations, plus send promotional offers, which is great since the average click-through rate of text is around 80%.

Sending out promotions, notifications, and automated communications via text would take ages if you had to do it all one by one, which is why this neat plugin made our list!

You can try out EZ Texting using its 14-day free trial, but after that its pricing starts at $19 per month.

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  • While some plugins are free, others – like GoDataFeed – cost more. To figure out exactly how much you need to budget for your Squarespace site, check out our Squarespace Pricing Review 

#13. AfterShip: $0+ per month

Best Plugin for Free Shipping Management

aftership squarespace plugin
This free Squarespace plugin, Aftership, is a shipping solution with a branded tracking page for customers, and a central dashboard for you!

While we’ve already mentioned one shipping plugin, ShipStation, if you want a free option then AfterShip is a great alternative. We particularly like the branded tracking page to let customers follow their latest order status, and the fact you can track all your shipments from one central dashboard. You’ll also have access to over 900 carriers, even on the free version!

You can stay on AfterShip’s free plan for as long as you like, but if you want to unlock analytics, email notifications, or track more than 50 shipments, you’ll need to upgrade to at least the $9 per month Essentials plan.

#14. inFlow Cloud: $71+ per month

Best Plugin for Inventory Management

inflow cloud squarespace plugin
inFlow Cloud is an inventory management plugin that can automatically update your stock levels and let you manage orders on the go.

The inFlow Cloud plugin gives you a complete inventory management system. Now, Squarespace does provide its own, in-house inventory management system, but inFlow Cloud is a good choice if you want some extra features. For example, it’ll update your Squarespace inventory levels for you, and you can manage your orders from any device.

The inFlow Cloud plugin isn’t for business owners on a tight budget. Its starting price is $71 per month, so we definitely recommend trying its 14-day free trial before committing!

#15. Channable: $39+ per month

Best Plugin for Advertising

channable squarespace plugin
The Channable plugin opens the door to cross-channel marketing – easily export your products to other channels, and create PPC ads with minimal fuss.

If you’re looking to seriously expand your site’s online presence, this Squarespace plugin is worth checking out. First off, the Channable plugin helps you create and automate PPC (pay-per-click) ads with Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising, which is ideal for expanding your reach.

You can also export your products to a selection of over 2,500 advertising platforms, including Amazon, Google Shopping, eBay, and Facebook. From syncing your inventory to receiving orders from different channels directly into your Squarespace dashboard, Channable makes growing your business much more manageable!

Pricing for the Channable plugin starts at $39 per month. 


One of the reasons we recommend Squarespace is that it comes with so many features already built into the platform. However, there’s always room for extra customization and niche functionality to take your site to the next level.

Squarespace plugins are the perfect way to add extra functionality to your website, especially if you have a particular goal in mind, such as better email marketing or more streamlined returns. The best part is that most Squarespace plugins are really affordable, with plenty of free options, and most coming in at under $40 per month.

Now you know our pick of the best Squarespace plugins, head to the Squarespace Extensions store to browse them yourself, and get started with your chosen plugins today!

Written by:
Lucy Carney is a Content Manager at Website Builder Expert, specializing in website building, ecommerce, and digital marketing. Previously working as a Writer and then Senior Writer on the brand, Lucy has 6 years of hands-on experience testing web building platforms including Wix, Squarespace, and Shopify. Lucy is passionate about using her knowledge to help small business owners build their online presence and achieve their goals. She’s reported on industry trends over the years, attended events such as the eCommerce Expo, and advised readers directly with over 400 comment replies on the site to date. Her work has also featured on other online publications such as the Shopify Partners Blog, Usability Geek, Serpstat, and Open Source, and has over 100 articles published on the Website Builder Expert blog.


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