5 Best Photography Website Builders: Gain Exposure in 2024

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Looking to showcase your photography online and attract new clients? Want to start selling your work? A website builder is a great way to bring your digital portfolio and gallery to life.

Wix is our top choice for photographers, offering a well-rounded solution for amateurs and professionals alike, with built-in tools to support your marketing and ecommerce efforts.

The 5 Best Photography Website Builders

  1. Wix Best all-in-one photography builder
  2. Squarespace For photography services
  3. Shopify For selling photography online
  4. GoDaddy For side hustle photographers
  5. Hostinger For beginner photographers

As you can see, Wix isn’t the only option on the market – we take a closer look at our top-rated photography website builders and share our recommendations for photographers.

1. Wix: Best All-in-One Photography Builder


Best all-in-one photography builder



out of 5
  • Photo Studio for editing
  • Photography templates
  • Best website features
dollar icon svg

Free plan available

Paid Plans: $16 - $159 / month


  • icon yes svg Suitable for majority of photographers
  • icon yes svg Large element library
  • icon yes svg Connect with social media channels


  • icon no svg Interface can be overwhelming
  • icon no svg Limited free plan with ads
  • icon no svg Not the most affordable
Wix Review
  • Wix Pricing: Wix’s four paid plans range from $16 to $159 per month (billed annually), and there’s also a free plan you can use as a testing ground before upgrading. You’ll need to select the $27/mo Core plan to start selling photos online. Get 10% off Wix with the code “TAKE10”.

Wix takes the top position in our list of the best photography website builders. It’s a comprehensive solution for photographers of all skill levels and types, whether you’re just starting out or you’re already established in the industry.

Wix Photography Templates

When testing Wix ourselves, we could choose between 40 photography-specific templates, broken into sub-categories: “Events & Portraits”, “Commercial & Editorial”, and “Travel & Documentary”.

Wix photography template in the website editor
We chose the Fashion Photographer template for our test site since it used a large gallery element on the homepage. Source: Website Builder Expert

Wix’s drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to use, letting you design your photography website the way you want – you could add gallery elements to show off select images or introduce a store to start selling photos (if you’ve subscribed to Wix’s Core plan or above). That being said, the complete freedom granted by Wix’s limitless customization can result in a messy-looking site. If you want creative assistance, we recommend Squarespace because its editor offers structure through grid lines.

Wix Photography Features

Wix has the best website features out of all the website builders we tested. Photographers will have access to tools such as the Wix Photo Albums app (to share and sell photos to clients), password-protected galleries, and the option to safeguard your images from right-click downloads.

We particularly liked Wix’s Photo Studio since this let us make additional edits to photos from within the website editor, such as resizing or adding text. This is handy for novice photographers who might not want to shell out for photography-related software or editing tools just yet

Wix Photo Studio showing a picture of a seaside being edited
I could make edits to any photos within Wix’s Photo Studio tool before adding them to my site. Source: Website Builder Expert

To help photographers showcase their work online, Wix also provides marketing support. You can connect your Google Business Profile in the backend dashboard, design posts for your social media accounts, and even create branded email marketing campaigns. This means you can oversee your photography profile from a single base instead of having to jump between platforms.

Who Do We Recommend Wix For?

Wix is our top photography website builder because it accommodates all needs and users with its well-rounded product.

✔️ We Recommend Wix For
  • Photographers looking for an all-in-one platform – You can showcase and sell your photography online with Wix, making it suitable for simple portfolios as well as large-scale online galleries
  • ❌ We Don't Recommend Wix For
  • Photographers looking to regularly update their website – Wix doesn't let you change your template once it's live, so it could get complicated if you expect to tweak your site's style often
  • Niche photographers – Wix accommodates a wide variety of users with its features and templates, so you won't find very specialized features or support if you work in a niche industry
  • Read our Wix Review for more information.

    2. Squarespace: For Photography Services


    For photography services



    out of 5
    • Acuity Scheduling tool
    • Great for creatives
    • Easiest builder to use
    dollar icon svg

    Free trial available

    Paid Plans: $16 - $49 / month


    • icon yes svg Grid-style drag-and-drop editor
    • icon yes svg Stylish photography templates
    • icon yes svg Optimizes your images for devices


    • icon no svg No autosave when editing
    • icon no svg Not as flexible as Wix
    • icon no svg Pay for additional features, like Acuity
    Squarespace Review
    • Squarespace Pricing: Plans range between $16 and $49 per month (billed annually). You’ll need the $23/mo Business plan or above if you want to sell your photos through your website. Use code “WBE10” for 10% off your Squarespace plan!

    Want to manage appointments and bookings through your photography website? Hoping to get more eyes on your images? We recommend using Squarespace for its high-end booking system, Acuity, and its stylish design-oriented templates.

    Squarespace Design Options

    Like Wix, Squarespace performs well in most areas and is the easiest website builder to use, but we were particularly impressed with its design options and intuitive editor. Squarespace is even trusted by professional photographers:

    I built my photography website with Squarespace...

    Headshot of Bob Mackowski
    Bob Mackowski
    Commercial Photographer
    Bob Mackowski is a commercial photographer and marketing educator based in North Carolina. He creates visuals through his company, Open Aperture Photography, and educates small business owners on how to create and utilize their own photos and videos.


    What do you like most about Squarespace?

    My favorite feature of Squarespace is its overall ease of use. It’s easy and intuitive with a high-quality final product.

    What would you change about Squarespace?

    Anything that I’d suggest changing would be nitpicking. For example, I wish their events calendar was easier to use and more customizable. It still gets the job done though.

    Were you satisfied with the website you made, and would you recommend Squarespace to others?

    I’m very satisfied with my website (Open Aperture Photography) and I recommend Squarespace to everybody. This is something that gets mentioned in a lot of the digital marketing classes that I teach to small business owners. I’ve used a few other platforms and they just don’t measure up to Squarespace.

    When testing Squarespace, we could filter its template library to only show photography templates. With over 20 to choose from – all professionally designed – this can be a tough decision! We loved the Gilden template for its modern appeal and the McCurry template since it has a services page already prepared.

    Squarespace library of image/gallery elements
    I had plenty of design options for showcasing photography. Source: Website Builder Expert

    Once in the editor, we could play around with the theme easily by dragging elements, such as slideshows and digital products, around the page. While it’s not as flexible as Wix’s drag-and-drop editor, Squarespace’s grid-style layout helped us keep things organized and aligned.

    And, the great news is that Squarespace automatically optimizes your images and design for different devices, so you can relax knowing that every website visitor sees the high-quality work displayed as intended.

    Squarespace Photography Features

    To help attract clients and build a fanbase, Squarespace also lets you connect your website with social media platforms, such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Flickr.

    Squarespace Scheduling tool dashboard showing appointment types
    It was easy for me to add or tweak appointments and services with Squarespace's Acuity Scheduling tool. Source: Website Builder Expert

    If you’re interested in selling online, Squarespace gives you ecommerce tools with three of its plans, starting from $23 per month. But, one of our favorite features of Squarespace is its scheduling tool which is ideal for photographers looking to take bookings via their website. Acuity Scheduling streamlines the booking process, allowing clients to connect with you at the click of a button. The tool offers personalized communications, payment options, and more – you can add the feature to your existing website builder plan for an extra fee (starting from $16/mo).

    Who Do We Recommend Squarespace For?

    Squarespace boasts a lot of great features, such as scheduling tools and photography-oriented design options.

    ✔️ We Recommend Squarespace For
  • Service-based photographers – If you want your clients to make bookings with you, Squarespace’s Acuity tool is ideal for keeping on top of appointments
  • Design-heavy portfolios – Squarespace has a real focus on aesthetics with stunning templates and design options, making it perfect for photographers who want to focus on showcasing their photos
  • ❌ We Don't Recommend Squarespace For
  • Photographers expanding globally – Squarespace doesn't support many languages and you'll need to manually translate content, which isn't ideal if you have clients from other parts of the world
  • Read our Squarespace Review for more information.

    3. Shopify: For Selling Photography Online


    For selling photography online



    out of 5
    • Best sales features
    • Huge app store
    • Good marketing features
    dollar icon svg

    Free trial available

    Paid Plans: $29 - $299 / month


    • icon yes svg Impressive product backend
    • icon yes svg Sell on socials, like TikTok
    • icon yes svg Ideal for selling and showcasing work


    • icon no svg Relies on third-party apps
    • icon no svg Limited free templates
    • icon no svg Expensive plans
    Shopify Review
    • Shopify Pricing: Shopify has a 3-day free trial, followed by a $1 deal for your first month. After that, pricing ranges between $29 and $299 per month (billed annually). Ecommerce is supported on all of Shopify’s plans.

    If you’re looking to sell your photos online, Shopify has the best ecommerce features to support photographers. It has an incredible product backend and multichannel integration, meaning you can promote and sell your photos across a range of platforms, such as TikTok.

    Building an Online Store

    When using Shopify, it directed us to add products first before designing the frontend look. This is easy to complete within the dashboard – simply click “Products” in the sidebar to fill out product details. To sell photos digitally for customers to download, you’ll need to install a third-party app, like the Shopify Digital Downloads app. Wix, on the other hand, handles this in-house, allowing users to sell digital photos with its Wix Art Store feature.

    Unfortunately, Shopify does rely on its app market to complement its in-house features so it’s not as comprehensive as Wix when it comes to photography tools.

    Shopify adding a product page
    I used Shopify's AI tool, Shopify Magic, to help generate product descriptions for my photography. Source: Website Builder Expert

    Finally, it’s time to start designing your homepage and store. Shopify has a limited number of free themes, with the majority of themes costing between $140 and $400 (for a one-time payment). While you can filter the themes by industry type, there are no templates designed with photography in mind – so you’ll need to browse the library to find a good fit. We recommend the free templates “Publisher” or “Studio” since they focus on showcasing visual work.

    Shopify Marketing Features

    It’s also worth mentioning that Shopify excels when it comes to marketing, particularly advertorial. This is great for photographers since it makes promoting your work online really simple and you can set up a lot of automations so you don’t have to manage it day-to-day.

    Shopify email campaigns template
    I could build an email campaign through Shopify and tweak the style to match my website. Source: Website Builder Expert

    The recent Shopify Editions: Winter ‘24 revealed a handy marketing tool, Shop Campaign, which can support photographers to engage with their audience more effectively through its buyer rewards program. To put it simply, customers earn Shop Cash through purchases that can be redeemed on the Shop app – businesses can then target these customers with Shop Campaign and offer exclusive deals.

    Who Do We Recommend Shopify For?

    Shopify is a dedicated ecommerce website builder so the price point reflects the additional sales features it offers.

    ✔️ We Recommend Shopify For
  • Individuals looking to sell photography – Shopify’s product management features and sales features will help you create an impressive online store, especially if you want to sell lots of products
  • Photographers who want to elevate their marketing strategy – You can use Shopify’s built-in tools for email marketing or integrate a third-party marketing app, such as Mailchimp, to help spread the word about your photography
  • ❌ We Don't Recommend Shopify For
  • Photographers who want a stylish website – Shopify's limited free templates and restrictive section-based editor make the website design process more difficult than Squarespace or Wix
  • Non-ecommerce photography websites – Shopify specializes in ecommerce and offers powerful sales features to support photographers who want to sell online, but if you're only looking to build a portfolio to showcase your work, you won't need to shell out for a Shopify plan
  • Read our Shopify Review for more information.

    4. GoDaddy: For Side Hustle Photographers


    For side hustle photographers

    Very Good


    out of 5
    • Build a website quickly
    • Very affordable plans
    • Built-in scheduling tool
    dollar icon svg

    Free plan available

    Paid Plans: $6.99 - $469.99 / month


    • icon yes svg Ideal for beginners
    • icon yes svg 24/7 website support
    • icon yes svg Easy-to-navigate dashboard


    • icon no svg Limited photography templates
    • icon no svg Simple design elements
    • icon no svg Restrictive editor
    GoDaddy Review
    • GoDaddy Pricing: Like Wix, GoDaddy also offers a free plan to users but we recommend upgrading to one of its premium options for an ad-free site. Its plans range from $10.99 to $20.99 per month (billed annually). You’ll need the $20.99/mo Commerce plan to sell online.

    For casual or side hustle photographers, GoDaddy is a great choice of website builder. It has a simple section-based editor which makes building very beginner-friendly. We also think GoDaddy’s set-up speed makes it ideal for individuals looking to get online quickly.

    During our tests, we found the signup process only took 30 seconds or so to dive into GoDaddy’s editor.

    GoDaddy Photography Templates

    Unlike Wix and Squarespace which dedicate a lot of energy toward crafting beautiful templates to use, GoDaddy likes to keep things simple. There are eight photography templates to choose from, built with useful tools in mind like appointments or image carousels. In comparison, Squarespace offers 20+ photography templates, so GoDaddy’s choices are more limited.

    Library of photo gallery elements in GoDaddy's website editor
    I wasn't too impressed by GoDaddy's pre-designed elements, especially for photography. Source: Website Builder Expert

    Of course, you can edit any template to suit your needs, but there are only a handful of style options available for elements like photo galleries and an Instagram feed. Still, the editor’s minimalist approach makes it easy to wrap your head around the website builder. Other options, like Wix, can be quite overwhelming for complete novices because of more detailed and complex interfaces, but Wix will grant you more creative freedom than GoDaddy.

    GoDaddy Photography Features

    For photographers, GoDaddy offers tools for scheduling appointments if you’re looking to offer services online, as well as social marketing features to help you connect and engage with clients. This can all be managed from GoDaddy’s dashboard.

    Adding a new service to GoDaddy website
    It was so easy for me to add new services within my GoDaddy dashboard. Source: Website Builder Expert

    Who Do We Recommend GoDaddy For?

    GoDaddy’s more straightforward approach means we wouldn’t recommend it for every photographer, especially if you’re looking to sell online.

    ✔️ We Recommend GoDaddy For
  • Side hustle photographers – If you’re only after a simple photography website, GoDaddy’s stripped-back editor and speedy set-up mean you can get everything up and running within the same day
  • Budget-conscious photographers – GoDaddy’s plans are the best value for money, starting from just $10.99 per month
  • ❌ We Don't Recommend GoDaddy For
  • Complex or design-heavy photography websites – GoDaddy's editor is simple and there aren't many stylish design elements to choose from, which is why it's more suitable for stripped-back photography sites
  • Read our GoDaddy Review for more information.

    5. Hostinger: For Beginner Photographers


    For beginner photographers



    out of 5
    • Very affordable builder
    • Suite of AI tools
    • 20+ photography templates
    dollar icon svg

    Free trial available

    Paid Plans: $2.99 - $109.99 / month


    • icon yes svg Simple to use
    • icon yes svg Good for novice photographers
    • icon yes svg Ecommerce features available


    • icon no svg No free plan
    • icon no svg Not for advanced users
    • icon no svg No photography tools
    Hostinger Review
    • Hostinger Pricing: You need to sign up for one of Hostinger’s hosting plans or choose one of its dedicated website builder plans. These website builder plans from $2.99 to $3.99 per month (for a 48-month term), with varying features.

    Hostinger is ideal for beginner photographers because of its user-friendly and all-in-one approach to website building. Its website builder package remains the same no matter which plan you choose – and while this might be restrictive for individuals looking to expand in the future, it means Hostinger is a good option for novice photographers or for anyone less confident about stepping into the online world of websites.

    Hostinger Photography Templates

    Hostinger gives you the option to use a pre-designed template or let AI set your website up for you. While there are 22 photography-related templates, we recommend using Hostinger’s AI website builder to speed things along, especially if you’re a beginner. That said, you’ll struggle to create anything truly unique-looking when using AI.

    Photography template designed by Hostinger's AI website builder
    I used Hostinger's AI website builder to generate a photography site but the result was pretty unappealing. Source: Website Builder Expert

    Hostinger uses a drag-and-drop editor, so you can swap and change elements around with ease, such as galleries, slideshows, or videos. While the design approach will feel similar to leading website builders like Wix, Hostinger’s features and designs work universally no matter the industry or business. Wix, on the other hand, offers tailored tools for photographers, such as the Photo Studio which is built into the editor.

    Hostinger AI Features

    When testing, we were impressed by Hostinger’s suite of AI tools, including a Blog Generator, an AI Heatmap tool to see where visitors are engaging with your pages, and an AI Page Generator. While none of these target photographers specifically, they can be adapted for photography needs. For example, you could use the AI Page Generator to set up a services page or ask Hostinger’s AI Blog Generator to write a post on the best photo editing software.

    These AI tools, along with Hostinger’s SEO features, can help you simplify the building process and boost your website’s visibility overall. However, you’ll need the $3.99 Business plan to use these features (apart from the AI website builder which is available across both plans).

    Hostinger's AI blog generator pop up box
    I could tweak the tone and length of the AI-generated blog post. Source: Website Builder Expert

    Who Do We Recommend Hostinger For?

    Hostinger is a well-rounded website builder, like Wix, but with fewer features and limited scalability.

    ✔️ We Recommend Hostinger For
  • Beginner or hobby photographers – If photography is a passion of yours but not your full-time career, Hostinger is a great place to start building your online presence since you won’t need all of the power and features that other website builders offer like Wix or Shopify
  • ❌ We Don't Recommend Hostinger For
  • Photographers wanting lots of creative control – Hostinger's drag-and-drop editor is easy to use but you won't have access to advanced features to create complex or unique designs
  • Marketing support – Hostinger has no email marketing tools, so it'll be harder to engage and connect with clients and customers
  • Read our Hostinger Website Builder Review for more information.

    How to Choose a Photography Website Builder

    There are a few essential features every photography website should have. Looks and visuals matter – after all, you want to show off your photos.

    Consider factors like website templates. Are there photography-specific templates to choose from? Does the website builder offer design elements such as galleries and contact forms? These are important things to recognize when browsing since they’ll make building a photography website much easier – you won’t have to create every page from scratch.

    Another thing to think about is how you want to use your photography website. Are you building a portfolio? Do you want to share your expertise with a blog? Do you want to offer bookable services or sell photos to customers? For this, you’ll want to look out for features like scheduling tools or ecommerce capabilities. Some builders, like Wix, also provide handy tools for watermarking images.

    You don’t need to become a coding expert on top of being a photographer to set up a website. We’ve pulled together our recommendations to help narrow down your decision:

    • Need a comprehensive platform that does it all? Wix is our top website builder for photographers, offering powerful features for marketing and sales, as well as impressive designs to help showcase your work
    • Looking to create a stylish portfolio? Try Squarespace’s stunning template options which you can easily tweak to your liking with its user-friendly editor
    • Hoping to sell your images online? Shopify is the best for selling, offering unparalleled sales features, such as multichannel integration, to help you engage clients and customers
    • Want to get online quickly and easily? GoDaddy and Hostinger have the speediest set-up times and are affordable choices for beginners or photographers who don’t need all of the bells and whistles of higher-end website builders

    Or, get a personalized website builder recommendation from our short quiz:

    What type of website do you want to create?

    Find Your Builder

    How We Test Photography Website Builders

    At Website Builder Expert, we put every builder, platform, and product through our thorough research process so we can bring you data-led and accurate recommendations. We want to help you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the right photography website builder.

    Our rankings and insights focus on seven core categories, with greater weight placed on those more important for photographers:

    • Design Functionality – 32%

    To help you present your photography well, we analyze each website builder’s aesthetic qualities, including template choice, UX, CRO, and design options.

    • Website Features – 22.5%

    Our research looks at the quality and quantity of features on offer, including SEO and advertorial marketing to help you expand your client base.

    • User Experience – 13.5%

    We make sure to use and navigate each website builder ourselves so we understand what they’re like to build with.

    • Help & Support – 12%

    We look at a website builder’s support channels, from help centers to contact options like live chat and email.

    • Sales Features – 10%

    We examine the available ecommerce features, with extra focus being placed on multichannel integration since we know this is important to photographers.

    • Customer Score – 5%

    These tests look at how a website builder performs within the market.

    • Value for Money – 5%

    Our research focuses on a website builder’s pricing, whether there’s a free plan or free trial, and what individuals can expect to get for their money.

    Best Photography Website Builders: Recap

    Carving out an online presence as a photographer is critical in this modern day and age, so we recommend getting set up with a website builder as soon as possible, especially if you’re a full-time professional.

    Wix is our top-rated photography website builder because of its template options, built-in features for marketing, and impressive suite of photography tools, such as the Wix Photo Studio.

    If you use any of these website builders or recommend another photography website builder, let us know what you think in the comments! And, you can check out our expert guide if you need more tips on creating a photography website.


    Wix is the best website builder for photographers, including wedding photography! It has wedding-specific templates to choose from with photographers in mind, and you can add features such as Wix Bookings and contact forms so clients can connect with your business.
    Not only is Wix our top-rated photography website builder overall, but it also offers a free plan as well. However, Wix’s free plan comes with on-site ads and limited features, so we recommend upgrading to one of its premium plans to unlock more storage space and marketing tools.
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